Rambling on Hump Day

Rambling on Hump Day

Andy Cohen reflets on everything from a curmudgeonly New Yorker to the Casey Anthony trial.

Tonight is the long-awaited Season 5 premiere of Flipping Out featuring Jeff's boyfriend Gage as the newest addition to Jeff's team of loonies. I think this season is the best yet, and I love it. And Rocco's all new at 10!

Last night was perfect in New York, and the streets were full of energy from everybody. Some very old woman stopped me and asked me what was wrong with my legs (I was sitting on a bench with a friend and I guess I was flapping them open and closed while I spoke.) I told her that my legs were quite fine and she said it was disgusting, what I was doing with them, and to stop. She then sat at a bench across from me, and I had to keep my legs perfectly still. I guess I didn't have to, but that lady was on patrol and she didn't seem to have a ton on her agenda, so I wanted to humor her. 

Everyone is pissed about Casey Anthony and I hadn't paid any attention at all to her trial, but from what I know it sounds like a ridiculous verdict and she sounds pretty awful.  

On another note, does anyone else marvel at media saturation of one case when there are many many many horrible cases like Caylee's that all deserve some attention? I am not taking away from a terrible crime, but it seems like the media picks one white kid every few years to talk about endlessly and forgets the rest. Does anybody else wonder about this stuff?  Anyway, it's all horrible and you have to wonder what those jurors were thinking.

Let me know what you think about Flipping Out and Rocco.

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