Andy Cohen shares what he did over the weekend... even though you didn't ask.


It is hot as hell here, so I did what any self-respecting bidnessman would --wrapped m'self in Seersucker. Hopefully that will help my body breathe today. Not that I'll be leaving the office whatsoever all day. 

The weekend was awesome. I had a great meal at Nick and Toni's Friday night and caught up with an old friend who I haven't seen in too long. It was the definition of a good catch-up. Saturday I got a ton of work done (giving notes on Bravo shows) and managed a relaxing hang on the beach, where the water is remarkably warm for so early in the summer. 

Saturday night was a dinner party at a friend's house and then Angry Birds driving me nearly mental under the stars before bed. I was pissed I got in an Angry Birds hole on such a gorgeous night. It seems sacrelidge. (I'm also spending a lot of time on Words with Friends these days.)

Sunday I boxed, had lunch with a friend, watched two upcoming Bravo shows, and hit the road home for our two-year anniversary show with Melissa and Joe. It was a really fun show and, with the exception of his final joke of the night, Joe has a hilarious sense of humor. The After Show was rollicking and, yes, he did give me a lap dance, on a dare from the Manzos. 

By the way, nobody asked what I did this weekend, so who am I to be blabbing about it as if someone cared. Let me take a poll that you can answer below: does anyone really care what the hell I did this weekend??

I await your reply....


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