Andy Cohen loses it on the NYC Housewives.


Now you see what I meant when I said that reunion was intense and aggressive, right? We ran a marathon yesterday of past RHONY reunions -- each in their time I thought had been so balls to the wall until the next came along, but wow. I don't think it was even the tone that was so surprising last night as much as the fact that the women all were on their own frequency, talking as though no one else was in the room and deaf to other voices.  So I lost it, as I showed on WWHL and will post below. I hate it that I raised my voice to the women because I like and respect them, but I had to quiet them down. 

Neil Patrick Harris was phenomenal last night; I just loved him as a guest and thought he was hilarious and fun and a great antidote to the madness! And what can't he do!?! He aced four out of four tasks from the Neil Wheel!  He thinks we should recast all the NYC Housewives, and so I am getting plenty of tweets about that from all over the map. 

I'm psyched to keep this conversation going on Thursday with Ramona and Denise Richards.... 

Here's me losing it: 


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