The Met Ball

The Met Ball

Andy discusses his fabulous night as Sarah Jessica Parker's date at the Costume Institute's Met Ball.

I am STILL recovering from Monday night's glorious Met Ball. This blog will certainly not be able to fully capture the beauty of the evening, so let me just top-line it by saying every single person looked absolutely incredible and took great care in how they looked. And pretty much everyone smelled good (Fergie was wearing her own scent, which we discussed) and there were only a few moments where I was on the receiving end of some intensely sour breath. (Stars, they're just like US!)

It was a collection of pretty much every boldfaced celebrity, singing star, designer, and titan of industry all seated for dinner withing the spectacularly lit Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in celebration of the new McQueen Exhibit, which is just up. I was fortunate to be Sarah Jessica Parker's date and we were guests of the McQueen group. SJP was absolutely glittering in a 2005 McQueen dress that she was not allowed to tailor, but fit her like a glove. I wore a McQueen tux.

We were seated at the McQueen table. SJ was lucky enough to sit next to Sarah Burton, who designed the bride's dress on Friday. I was lucky enough to sit between SJP and Naomi Campbell, who looked sensational and is just a whole lot of fun. Across from us sat Gisele and Tom Brady. I had a long talk with Brady and he is a cool dude. And quite handsome.


The room is such that there is no bad table, and every single one has people you'd want to see. The table to our left was Stella McCartney and her father and Madonna. And there was Beyonce and Jay-Z and Kanye and Julie Chen and Les Moonves and Rupert Murdoch. You get the idea? Insanity. . .

I LOVED Iman's Stella McCartney jumpsuit and full-on '70s look. I mean I was obsessed. So my love for her only grew. This is a crappy pic but I took it and need to share...


And because of the incredible guest list, in the course of the night I spoke with a lot of people with whom you just wouldn't imagine speaking, like Fergie, or Tom Brady, or Bravo superfans Lea Michele, Christina Hendricks (vavavavoom), Justin Theroux, and Keri Hilson. Eva Mendes was very nice and beautiful in blue with a gold belt. Ryan Seacrest was supersweet and looked very clean (as opposed to dirty). And Jimmy Fallon was awesomely super-awesome and funny, and I might be in love with him. (We sang Ambrosia songs a lot.)

After the event (which featured an incredible performance by Florence Welch), we went to the Vogue party at the Crown, then to the McQueen event at Kenmare. The night ended at the Boom Boom Room, very, very late. I feel grateful to have attended the night and am lucky to have been Mr. Broderick's replacement. Here's another look at how hot SJ looked. (That's the great -- and blurry -- hair guru Serge Normand behind her.)

sarah jessica parker

Last night I helped celebrate the launch of Friendfactor, which is an organization helmed by my old friend and St. Louisan Brian Elliott. The organization is about gay people enlisting their straight friends to help in the fight for equality. So it was all about gay people and their straight allies, and I brought mine, Mark Consuelos. Chelsea Clinton was there, and I am a big fan and was excited to meet her. She spoke and was very impressive. I told her I'd been staring on and off all day at the pic of her mom and the President nervously watching the raid on Osama. She said "Isn't it great?" It is. . .

After the event I went to a fancy and gorgeous dinner at Mr. Valentino's house. The risotto was beyond the beyond. I limped into bed early.

And today is a new day! Have a good one.

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