Thinking of Farrah

Thinking of Farrah

Andy Cohen has Farrah Fawcett on the brain.


I am fixated on a gorgeous picture of Farrah in today's NY Times with an article about the clothes she wore on Charlie's Angels. The author of the article was in possesion of a roller derby jacket that FF wore on the show and she said it changed her life for the six months that she had it. 

So she's on my mind today. Death sucks. And that is about as deep as I'm gonna get on today's blog. I feel like last night was my first that I've spent at home in about four months. I am finally watching the last six or so episodes of Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes and indulged in two before bed. It feels funny watching now that the party is officially over, but I still dig it. Are you watching Anderson? I think he's doing a great job. Maybe when he's on WWHL in a few weeks we should play "What Can't Anderson Do?" because the dude can do hard news and soft news and hardcore news and everything else in between that sounds kind of filthy.

I missed the Jackie O special on ABC the other night, and I'm pissed! I hear it was incredible. Oh and I missed Fashion Week in its entirety. Idid not get to go to one show. Pity party for one, please.

Tonight is a brand new Millionaire Matchmaker, and if you're not excited then you should be because the king of Malibu real estate, Madison Hildebrand, is being set up by Patti. Who doesn't want a date with Mad in Mal?? 

And in more news, I am co-hosting Regis & Kelly tomorrow morning, so check it out! 

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