Andy Cohen gets slightly unfocused at a company off-site.

I'm locked behind closed doors in a hotel room in Midtown with a group of executives across many great brands in the Comcast family brainstorming, plotting, bonding, and focusing. As you might imagine, the last item on that list is occasionally a challenge for me. So that's where I am all week until I head to Miami to be the Grand Marshall at their Gay Pride this weekend, which I am sure will be very much like my week of meetings.

In other rambly thoughts before I go:

* Tonight is a great Top Chef Masters featuring a Mad Men-inspired challenge and the gorgeous Christina Hendricks. She is so hot.

* My DVR freaked out and didn't record the last two days of Oprah. Can a white man get a break!? Jeeez. 

* So much speculation today about whether Jill has had some kind of work done. I actually don't think she has. I think she lost wieght. The Morocco episodes of RHNYC are beyond the beyond. Just incredible.

* I am so psyched about Miami! They just started doing a gay pride thing there a few years ago, and apparently it's growing rapaidly each year. My two great girlfriends Graciela and Amanda are joining me. I love Miami. (What's not to love?)

* Jay Mohr and I are officially in love. He said he had some gays show up to his standup last night; he thinks it's a result of his WWHL appearance. I love that. And I love my Tiffany Mazel money clip and whistle from Jay and his wife Nikki.

* Last night was the best sleeping weather in NYC. There was thunder! Why does it feel like forever since I've heard thunder? I miss it. Thunder,  come back soon.

* I wonder if Trump will still be flirting with the Presidency after Celebrity Apprentice is off the air. What do you think?

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