Thursday is Pretty Fun

Thursday is Pretty Fun

Andy Cohen goes from the Today show, to WWHL, to Miss Usa!

It's a gorgeous day here and I'm sitting in the TODAY greenroom wearing searsucker. I wish I could wear searsucker in the Clubhouse, but it looks like an insane dizzying pattern through my camera's lenses. It works in the a.m. for some reason, though. Maybe my cameras are drunk?? I digress...

Tonight I have design diva Mary McDonald and Rocco DiSpirito in the clubhouse after a very entertaining episode of RHNYC. Tomorrow morning, first thing, I head to Vegas for Miss USA, which I'm co-hosting with Guiliana Rancic Sunday night on NBC. Did you know that we're going live on Bravo directly after the pageant at 11 -- with Caroline Manzo and Guiliana? It's true!

Last night I went to a dinner on a boat cruising down the west side of Manhattan. It was glorious and chic and glam and I don't know what the hell I was doing there but one of the highlights was chatting with my style guru Ralph Lauren. I am such a fan; he blows me away. Maybe I should've asked him about my searsucker issue. Hugh Jackman was on-board and very very cool and fun.  

Here's an amazing pic of Lady Liberty... 


I watched an episode of Season 25 when I got home and that show might be losing its luster now that O and I have said goodbye. I wonder if that's just me....?

Have a great day! 

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