Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

Andy Cohen heads to Brazil for the Miss Universe pageant, but not before responding to Cindy Adams.


I'm stuck in traffic trying to get to work and pounding away on this damn Blackberry. I'm leaving for Brazil tonight after work, and I did a really crappy packing job this morning that's bringing me down. Packing is an art in which I typically excel. For some reason, I didn't have my mojo this morning, and I can't vouch for anything in my suitcase, which is irritating. 

I'm heading to Sao Paolo to co-host the Miss Universe Pageant with Natalie Morales (Monday night at 9 on NBC). That should be a blast and hilarious. Adrienne Maloof is one of the judges, along with Connie Chung who I love and adore from my days at CBS News. I've never been to Brazil and wish this wasn't going to be such a quick trip. 

Last night was an 80th birthday dinner for Bill Persky at The Palm in Tribeca and it was a tremendously warm and loving evening. Liza's twin sister, Jamie, surprised Bill by walking up to him in a Palm waiter's jacket and serving him a drink. He took the drink, did a double take and turned to Liza to tell her the waitress looked just like her before realizing it was his other daughter! It was an amazing moment.

This morning, Cindy Adams reports that she called me, and I had an assistant call her back asking what it's regarding. I was on vacation and never got the message. I would call that lady back any day! She's a legend! 

OK -- I have a lot of work to do and you do too. Talk to you from Brazil.

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