What a Night

What a Night

Andy Cohen shares how Osama bin Laden's death affected him.

I'm sitting in the TODAY greenroom, exhausted, and still in shock from last night. I was backstage at WWHL chatting with MSNBC's Willie Geist, who was scheduled to go on with Alexis, when word came that the President was making a mystery announcement. When we found out how serious it was, we gave Willie a raincheck to go do what he does best, and we went live on the air.

I am tickled that I did have the 411 for what seems like a lot of people who found out from our show -- of all places! -- that the wicked witch was dead. And I know many of you are a li'l embarrassed about that (so you are tweeting to me), but let it go! It's all good and you won't forget soon where you heard the news. Imagine my surprise at having to chitchat with Alexis whilst the world was awaiting Obama's speech. I would like to thank the President for waiting until we were off the air to speak.... I'm kidding, of course.

It's weird to celebrate someone's death, but there was so much energy and emotion going on last night that you just have to let it be and feel the moment. After the show I headed down to Ground Zero to be a New Yorker, to be an American, and just feel the energy down there. It was electric. Thousands of people spontaneously hurrying to the site to wave flags, spray champagne, and sing every patriotic anthem you can imagine.

I won't ever forget going down to the exact site on the night of September 11, 2001 with papers and soot and stink blowing around in the air and shock prevailing everywhere. So it was weird last night celebrating at such a sad sight, but it was certainly a full circle moment.

The weekend in St. Louis was fantastic. The benefit for COCA on Friday night raised a ton of money and notably sold three sets of two tickets to WWHL for 15 grand a set! I am excited for the St. Louis peeps to come to the Clubhouse. Otherwise it was a great weekend with my family.

OK I have to go figure out what the hell I'm chatting about with the ladies. Tonight is the Met Ball -- I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

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