Ambulance Chaser

Ambulance Chaser

Andy Cohen gets into a tiff with his cab driver.


I'm in the back of a cab and the driver and I just had a little tiff because he wouldn't let an ambulance pass us. Let the sick get sicker! I guess that's his motto. So I yelled at him, and now we're ignoring each other. FINE! Be that way!

I wonder what you thought of Top Chef last night.... Your tweets seemed very positive. I sure feel bad for those chefs who are on the bubble. This is a great cast and it's fun seeing how they made it on the show, I say. 

I can't believe I haven't blogged about the Madoffs on 60 Minutes. I thought Ruth was so unsympathetic and poorly spoken that I believe every word she said. If she was lying she'd have thought about it more. That's my cynical view. So bad for the Jews, those Madoffs are!!! Oy!!! 

And by the way, if Bernie is happy in jail shouldn't he be moved somewhere more painful? Should he be enjoying this phase of his life???

Other random thoughts: 

* I am an entire season behind on The Office, and I'm pissed about it.  

* I wish that OWN would run entire episodes of The Oprah Winfrey show, without commentary.  I just want to see the whole thing. I bet there are big clearance issues, is the problem. OK, now I get it. 

* Ricki Lake is killing it on Dancing With the Stars! I knew she would. She's incredible. I love watching her dance every Monday while I'm getting ready for WWHL. I hope she wins. 

* If you live in San Francisco, I'm hosting a fun amfAR party tomorrow night. Chaka Khan and Alan Cumming are performing. Come! 

* OK ,my driver and I seem to be speaking again. I gotta go chat. Have a great day. 

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