Back in Atlanta

Back in Atlanta

Andy tells us where he's off to next and gets pumped for the Atlanta premiere.

I'm actually about to be back in San Francisco and am writing this too early (if you ask me) on my way to JFK.  I'll only be there for a night but it's for a good cause -- there's a huge amfAR fundraiser tonight that I'm hosting featuring Chaka Khan and Alan Cumming, and Yigit's making dessert. I believe there are still tickets for the after party, so come say hi if you can. The theme is Morroco -- ya habibi!

Yesterday afternoon I took part in something very cool at the Beacon Theater. You know Conan was here all week shooting shows, right? On the stage of the Beacon, and on his show, America's favorite ginger performed the wedding (he got ordained online) of his longtime costume designer and his partner of many years. Scott, the costumer, was asked to choose who he wanted to walk him down the aisle. I guess he's a big WWHL fan and asked for me; flattered, I was quite happy to oblige.  My only concern was that the wedding not appear like a joke, and when I spoke to the producer my fears were allayed. They were playing it "straight" and went for emotion instead of laughs. Indeed it did wind up being, among other things, emotional and kinda groundbreaking for a standard hetero late night show -- and the audience loved it.

I have to give it up to Conan for putting this on national television. Straight people like him are heroes for standing up for something that not everybody believes in and treating two people like equal human beings in an unusual forum. I bet he changed some minds last night. And when the show was over it was incredible watching that packed theater of (really young) fans cheering for him with intense emotion. His Team Coco brigade loves him SO MUCH. It was overwhelming to see, and I am so glad I got to be a part of that.
Speaking of emotional theater experiences, last night was the Broadway opening of Other Desert Cities and it was spectacular. I'd first written here about the brand new Jon Robin Baitz play when I saw it in January. I didn't think it could get better, but the brilliant Joe Mantello (my sweet friend for years) has elevated it to double-brilliant (I made that up, and yes, you may steal it Mr. Brantley) with new cast members Rachel Griffiths and Judith Light.  The reviews are in this morning and they're all raves. But we knew that! Go see it at the Booth Theater. 

The party, incidentally, was at a ballroom at the Marriott Marquis -- which has got to be the single most depressing room on the island of Manhattan. Imagine the glamour of an opening night crowd -- Ron Rifkin, Renee Zellwegger, Orlando Bloom -- in a decrepit, out-of-date ballroom on an old cruise ship that's on it's last voyage, and that'll give you a picture of what that space is like. How AMAZING the theater experience was is how SAD that party space is! It didn't dampen anyone's excitement about what they'd just seen though, which is saying something.

Lastly, don't forget that Sunday night is the premiere of RHOA! We're running marathons of past seasons all weekend and they're fun to re-live. I'm live after the premiere breaking the whole damn thing down with Wendy Williams. If I don't see you in San Francisco tonight, I'll see you at 11 on Sunday night!

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