Bop It

Bop It

Andy talks Gorgas, Anderson, baseball, and Bop It!

Happy Friday, everybody. It's a glorious day in Manhattan and I am doing some heavy TCB before I bring it down at Temple tonight and go deep with myself. Hopefully my fast tomorrow will elicit something profound that I can put into my book.

If it doesn't, I'm sure I'll be inspired Sunday night -- RHONJ Finale Night -- when Joe and Melissa Gorga join me in the Clubhouse. They should be a whole lot of hilarious.

Last night was a lot of fun at the Minetta Tavern with a group of friends. That room is loud, but you can always count on fun, fun, fun. The Silver Fox was there and his show is getting better every day. He's my new Oprah.

Tonight the Cardinals are going to try to move forward against the Phillies, who are amazing. You can't count the Cards out in post season, though. They have a way of getting their stuff together and making it happen. Someone tweeted today that hearing me talk baseball is like listening to a butch lady talk fashion. OK, OK I get your point.

I can't get "Bop It!" out of my mind for some reason today… Twist it! Pass it! Bop it! Do you know what I'm talking about?

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