Early Morning

Early Morning

Andy fills us in on the gala he attended last night as he heads off to Dallas and LA.

I'm up at the crack of dawn flying to Dallas, then LA later this afternoon. I don't know what was in the water last night, but I think I was absolutely insane on WWHL last night. I don't know why I was so hyper, but I was. Maybe it's because I was drinking tequila? I have no clue.
That being said, it was a really fun show, and Brandi and Dana were entertaining. We were all tickled that Jeremiah from The Rachel Zoe Project stopped by to be Vanna White to Tramona. Is being Vanna to Tramona becoming a thing? It kind of seems that way. In any case, tonight is the finale of Rachel's show and brand new episodes of Mad Fashion and Fashion Hunters.

After work yesterday I attended a gala benefitting Lincoln Center and the Ralph Lauren Cancer Institute. It was a black tie affair featuring Oprah Winfrey interviewing Mr. Lauren onstage and a massive, sensational fashion show of Lauren's latest collection. Every fancy person in NYC was in attendance, and I don't know how I got there, but I'm glad I did. I mainly hung with Sean Avery, but chatted up many people before I had to split to do the show.

As I was walking out I ran into AC360, who'd just gotten off his show. That's called two people doing totally different shows at different times of the night.

Have a great day! See you in LA!



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