Go Cardinals

Go Cardinals

Andy Cohen root, root, roots for his home team.

Too little time and too much to say today.

First of all, I will see you Sunday night after our Real Housewives of Atlanta: Before they Were Stars special when I'm live in the Clubhouse with Kandi and Tyrese. Wowsa!

Last night I had one eye on the baseball game and another on my amfAR hosting duties at their Inspiration Gala. The highlight for sure was Deborah Harry and the incredible Sinead O'Connor, who brought immense emotion to the stage. Also we were sitting with Sandra Bullock, who is so gorgeous, funny, and kind -- and was perfect in her tribute to Dame Elizabeth Taylor. 

That game last night was absolutely one for the record books. The Rangers were one strike away from winning the entire series two times! This was the comeback for the records. I don't have enough time to put it into words, so let me just share with you how the great Washington Post sportswriter Thomas Boswell began his piece in today's paper:

"Time will decide. Because time will be needed to digest the feast of heroism, comedy, strategy and virtually insane comebacks that turned Busch Stadium into a theater of continuous disbelief here in Game 6 of the World Series. But it’s possible that we just saw the most preposterous, fabulous, thrilling and all-around unbelievable World Series game of this generation."

May the best team win tonight! 

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