Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day!

Andy Cohen doesn't know who to wish a "Happy Columbus Day" to!

Do you wish someone Happy Columbus Day? And, if so, who? Italians? Happy Columbus Day, Italians! Even those of you that are only 1/16th Italian. 

We're live tonight at 11 with Sarah Jessica Parker, and that makes me happy. 

What did you think of the Jersey finale? I liked it because it felt different from past seasons. There was no table flipped or drink thrown, but it was highly emotional in all directions. I cried at Victoria's prom (I'm a softie) and rejoiced at the Gorga and Guidice's all getting together for the photo. As for the ending, it certainly sets the scene for an incredibly explosive two part reunion. Yowsa. 

I had a fantastic weekend. Temple was lovely Friday night, followed by the Cardinals stunning upset of the Phillies. Saturday morning I hightailed it to the beach where I wrote, and thought, and went deep. Saturday night I broke the fast with friends at a sumptuous feast. 

Yesterday was a total beach day, and it seemed like everybody was outside. The Cardinals had a challenging night against the Brewers, but today is a new day. 

I had a great time in the Clubhouse with Melissa and Joe.  Check out this spot for the After Show, which we'll post soon. In the meantime, check out the music video for Melissa's song!

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