Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Andy Cohen weighs in on the Brett Ratner-Oscar controversy.

It's a gorgeous, crisp day in Manhattan and it'll be a crispy night in the clubhouse Sunday with NeNe Leakes and Tatyana Ali. I'm psyched.

Last night was a hilarious dinner at Cookshop with Sandra Bernhard and her partner Sara Switzer. That Sandra absolutely slays me. If you don't follow her on twitter, start.

What do you think of the news regarding the CBS Morning Show? I think they are finally onto something. I have a vested interest, having worked on that show on and off in the '90s. It does seem to have a curse on it, I'll tell you that.

I have been processing this Brett Ratner story all week and I find the whole thing really interesting and ironic. Ironic because Eddie Murphy's act in the '80s was full of the F-word.... It was a constant refrain, and here that word is an indirect reason he's not doing the Oscars. Obviously it's not because he said it again, but I just think that's interesting. Re: Ratner, I thought his apology seemed sincere and what would've been a greater tool was letting him produce the Oscars and have a moment where they do a little PSA onstage, or something clever built into the show where they tell their millions of viewers at home not to say slur words. That's my two cents, not that you asked.

I was on Joy Behar last night and was kind of bummed this wasn't one of the topics for discussion, though I get that it was yesterday's news, by yesterday. This morning I'm reading about Ashton Kutcher's dumb tweet that everyone's up in arms about. Having sent some dumb, uninformed tweets in the past, I feel bad for the guy. He didn't know the whole story. We live in a culture where one off-the-cuff remark turns into national news. Words count more than ever. 

I'm scared, is what I'm trying to say. I am a breath away form saying something completely stupid that will require I spend the rest of my life in a cave.

See you Sunday.

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