Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Andy Cohen runs around L.A. doing press for WWHL.


Wow -- I've really been out of it this week on the blog. I've been a mad man in L.A. working my tail off doing the day job, putting finishing touches on the book, and doing press for WWHL, which goes 5x a week starting on Sunday. 

We're making a big announcement Saturday of all the guests next week, but I can tell you here that Sunday night, it's Kandi Burress and DJ Questlove on our premiere. That is such a cool duo, and great way to start 5x a week that I can't handle it.

Oh and we built a bar in the Clubhouse for our new nightly routine! And we have Lite-Brite art! So that is HUGE!!!  

It has been so pleasant being in Los Angeles this week. I had an incredible night Tuesday with someone who I've been a fan of for 15 years -- but I ain't blogging about -- and stayed up way too late with.... And woke up super early Wednesday to do Access Hollywood Live and found myself on a couch at 8 a.m. with Arsenio Hall, Cheryl Tiegs, and the boys from Jersey Shore. DJ Pauly D let me feel his (crown) hair, and it was 18 pounds of gel, but I loved him.  

And I'm regretting readily handing over my scent to Billy Bush, who asked my why I smell so good. I think I learned from someone that that info is better left private, so someone else doesn't go around smelling like you. And so now Billy Bush is gonna be fronting my smell and getting all sorts of kudos for it. What did I DO????? Anyway, it's a measure of my affection for Billy Bush -- and I really do like the guy.  

From there, it was on to Extra where I did that thing where you stand in the Grove in front of an awkward group of people being interviewed by Mister Dimples and Abs, Mario Lopez. I really wanted to see Mario's abs, but I didn't have the guts to ask. He was really nice and the Extra people bought me breakfast, which was healthy and nice. 

Yesterday, I was up bright and early again to shoot the RHOBH reunion show. WOW. It was high drama, lots of emotion, and some fun and laughs too. All the women deserve a pat on the back. High highs and low lows.  

Today, I move the party to Pasadena for the TV Critics' Association Confab, where we'll be doing even more press for WWHL. I'm psyched to see Bethenny and Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos. That's like a dream team! 

OK, so I will see you Sunday, when we start that Clubhouse party for real! 

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