Happy Halloweave!

Happy Halloweave!

Andy talks Cardinals, Halloween, and Tyrese.


Hope everybody's having a great day, and that you're not too burned out on Halloweave costumes by tonight because we're having a live party at 11 that will be unlike anything you've seen. Chris March is dressing me, and him, up and you will love what he has in store. We also have Gail Simmons and Phaedra and Apollo and fabulous viewers. If you love Bravo, you should turn us on!

It was a great weekend, that began with the Cardinals World Series win. Wow! That was an incredible series and they were perfectly matched with Texas -- it was anybody's to win. But after Game Six it seemed like Friday would be the curtain call, and it was. I know that Cards Manager Tony LaRussa announced his retirement this morning, and I'm not loving that news!

I flew back Saturday night, right into the storm. I was so happy to get home, especially after delays and many tweets telling me I'd never make it. I did, and I went straight to meet friends at Emilio Ballato, then to a very fun party on the roof of the James Hotel.  

I worked and wrote all day yesterday, with a replay of Game 6 to keep me inspired, then had a great time with Tyrese and Kandi last night. Though I'm surprised Tyrese was so nervous about being on live tTV! He was jittery before the show and spilled his drink during the commercial break, which only made me love him more. He totally came alive in the After Show and got into a debate with Kandi about sex toys! Time to download that album. Oh, and it was great seeing Mama Joyce. 

See you tonight at 11! Get ready for fun! 

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