Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Andy Cohen recaps his holiday vacay.


Woo-hoo! It's 2012, and so far the year's been just fine. I've been in Los Angeles for a few days and spent NYE at Sur with a big group of friends. I gotta say that this town -- while It has gorgeous weather and a whole lot more -- has not much energy, so I was a little skeptical about spending NYE here, but Sur was the perfect spot. It has a St. Tropez vibe and is super celebratory, and not only did we see Lisa Vanderpump but also Kevin "Shi Shi Shi," the wedding planner. 

I loved all your tweets about Brad's new show last night. It really reminds me of Bethenny Ever After more than Rachel's show --well, maybe a combo of the two. Anyway, it's cool seeing inside his relationship with Gary and the beginning of his career building his own business.

I had a great break, although I can't say it was incredibly restful. I hung out with lots of friends over the hols then headed to Sag Harbor to finish my book, which is about a week or two away from being completely put to bed. I took some naps, watched (and loved) Midnight in Paris, and the Woody Allen American Masters, which I also loved. I also saw 20 minutes of the Tom Hanks-Sandra Bullock movie, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Oh and I played a ton of plants vs. zombies.

Next Tuesday is the premiere of a brand new season of Tabatha and she's back and fiercer and funnier than ever. I loooooove me some Tabatha. You're going to be seeing her in the Clubhouse very soon. And on that note, only five more days til we go five nights a week. OMG.

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