Harvest Time

Harvest Time

Andy's excited for fall fashions and promises he's not on steroids (despite what Jerry O'Connell thinks).

It feels like fall today, and I'm celebrating by wearing a brown corduroy sport coat with suede elbow patchy pads. Isn't that very fall sounding?

Last night's World Series Game was so tense and ultimately wound up not going the Cardinals' way. Oy. Hope they have better luck this weekend. I watched some of it with Jerry O'Connell who thinks I'm on steroids, which is funny. And untrue, of course. Last week he thought I was on Human Growth Hormones so I am flattered that he thinks I am the product of anything but clean healthy Manhattan livin'.

By the way I bet this winds up being the lowest rated World Series, maybe in history. That's what I'm thinking.

Sunday night is going to be great. We've got Part II (it's supersized) of the very dramatic Jersey Reunion Show followed by WWHL with Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, who are going to break the whole damn thing down for y'all. Mark watched it yesterday and has been texting me some funny comments.

Boy traffic is really inching up 8th Avenue this morning. I think I'll hop on the phone now. Have a great weekend and see you Sunday night!

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