Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter

Andy Cohen channels the legendary songstress.

I am feeling super-Karen Carpenter this morning... smooth, maybe a touch melancholy, steadily moving forward, and savoring the little moments.  

I started this rainy day with a chic little breakfast at Cafe Cluny with Isaac Mizrahi, who was sporting a simple trench. Afterwords, I dropped off some laundry and was assured by m'laundrylady that there's very little chance she can get my makeup off the collar of two too-expensive Prada shirts. Did I sweat the small stuff? No. Would Karen Carpenter? No. I told her to please do her best and I moved on. 

From the laundry I hit m'local bank and opened a new business account. I not only got a lot of information about new programs at my financial institution, but some of the gals behind the counter gave scuttlebutt me the on what's been going on in their personal lives. I feel very connected with the human beings at my bank. I don't care for automated tellers and keypads being re-routed to another country far away. Give this man some human contact please. That's how Karen Carpenter rolled, too. 

So now I'm lurching in traffic towards Rockefeller Center. The mild temp has me feeling like I'm just going through the motions of the holiday season. I can't get too invested this year but knowing myself -- and KC -- I might get overcome on around the 23rd. I just really need to finish this damn book. 

Oh, my cab driver is fighting with the cab next to us. He's not going to let him in our lane under any circumstances. We're on totally different wavelengths, me and this driver. 

Back to my book.... If I could tell you one thing about the Housewives, what would it be? Will you post below and tell me?

Have a great day. 

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