Rainy Days and Wednesdays

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

Andy Cohen catches up on some non-Bravo TV.


Good Morning. Werq of Art and Top Chef tonight!! It's rainy and I'm in the back of the only cab in NYC with a driver obsessed by the Housewives. He is going in for information about the NYC ladies. He wants the story on the new Housewives, and I am just telling him everything. So if you're a reporter who wants that story, find my cab driver from this morning. His car is yellow. 

I stayed home last night to work on my book, which was mildly successful. I am working my way through the Showtime series Web Therapy on Demand. I am such a Lisa Kudrow fan, and I could listen to her talk about "treatment modalities" all day. Next I need to catch up on The Big C. I am so behind. I did half-watch Glee last night, and so there was that. 

Oh and I watched some of Dancing With the Stars, which I think was on for 19 hours or so. I was obsessed with watching the Jenners, having seen them in person when I was I the audience for the show. I just wondered in my cynical brain whether they could possibly be as overwhelmed and excited when they've -- at this point -- had to sit through 180 hours of that show watching all their kids dance. Maybe it's like a recital or something. What do I know? Well, I do know that on the night I was there, when she was not on cam, Kris was pounding away on her Blackberry. 

My driver wants to hear about Cindy now. He doesn't get the hair removal business. Is that funny or what? He actually seems to be a fairly smooth gent, so I know why. 

OK, we're at 30 Rock! Have a good day! 

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