Scrambled Thoughts

Scrambled Thoughts

Andy tells us about Lady Bunny's new show and ponders what's become of the 'Oprah' producers.

In no particular order, here's what's on my mind today:

I am psyched that everybody is responding so well to the Tuesday Fashion block on Bravo.  I agree that Mad Fashion and Fashion Hunters are a fantastic, fun addition to the lineup. It's like watching cotton candy. Actually it's like eating cotton candy because watching it isn't much fun.

Tuesday night I went to the opening of The Lady Bunny's first new stage show in ten long years called "That Ain't no Lady" at Escualita.  It was as filthy as all get out and a ton of fun. Do not go if you are averse to filth. I ran into my buddy Jerry O'Connell who asked me if I was taking HGH (Human Growth Hormones). While I was totally flattered by what I took as a complement, I assured him I am not taking HDH. He's in town rehearsing a new play, by the way.

Last night after dinner I worked on my book then had a marathon of the last few episodes of Oprah Behind the Scenes. I have one more to go. Watching the Behind the Scenes show after the series is long gone is really interesting. I am way more cynical watching it now than I was four months ago.  Lots of intense thoughts running through my head. Where are those producers now, I wonder? I know that some of them are working for Anderson and some are working for Rosie. I wonder if some are actually happier now than they were then? They don't seem all that happy on that show, do you think?

Top Chef Texas is RIDICULOUSLY good. I am so excited for you to see it.  Nine seasons in and it is refreshed and fun with an incredible cast.

Everybody in NYC is sick, by the way. So wash your hands a lot and take vitamin C and don't kiss any strangers. Or if you kiss strangers, just make sure it is absolutely worth potentially getting sick over.

Brand new Millionaire Matchmaker tonight!

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