Say hello to Andy's little friend.

Good Morning from the TODAY greenroom, where I'm pounding on this Blackberry before I go on with Hoda.

I am so glad our turtle has a name, and that you decided it: Tramona. It seems fitting. I love that turtle. (To play the game, go HERE!) If you missed how I met Tramona, take a look at this video:

I'm back from my high school reunion in St. Louis, and I wish I had some dramatic stories to tell you but it was fairly drama-free. There were some geeks who became hot, and many pounds gained and hair lost -- and carbs everywhere for that matter -- but not much in the way of "OMG, I got revenge on my former nemesis" stuff. I will say that it was a really fun weekend, and I enjoyed seeing my former classmates. There were only about 50 out of 140 in the group -- is that considered good turnout? (I was hoping for more.)

I raced back to NYC for our WWHL premiere last night where we spent an hour with the always hilarious Patti Stanger, who I think managed to offend pretty much everybody -- gays, Jews, short people... the list goes on. It made for an entertaining hour though. Tonight we've got RHOBH superfans Tia and Tamera Mowry.

We'll post last night's After Show right here ASAP.  Teresa called in!

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