What a Day!

What a Day!

Andy is loving the spring-like weather and discusses his OUT magazine shoot.

It's gorgeous today! Feels just like spring. On that note, how about we pretend winter never happened and just kick spring into gear? That would be great, especially since I was told in the elevator that we're in for a brutal winter. Joy.

Yesterday, OUT magazine released some pictures they're putting in their year-end issue featuring me, Yigit Pura, and Brad Goreski. They're each an homage to a famous moment in photography, and mine is an oversaturated '50s thing. Brad texted me today saying he thinks my pic may be even gayer than his. Hilarious, and he's right.


I had a lovely time last night with Matthew Broderick, Lisa Vanderpump, and Giggy. Giggy's Ferris Bueller outfit killed me! Matthew said it took him a bit to realize that he was wearing the Ferris drag. Ha-ha!

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