How Did This Happen?

How Did This Happen?

Andy Cohen recounts his culture-filled weekend.

How did I go from posting something every day to feeling a heavy heart about not posting enough?! Well, the show went five nights a week and my life totally changed. That's what happened. And I'm sorry. But I promise to try to do this more often. 

I had a really fun weekend. Friday night I saw an amazing new play at Lincoln Center called 4000 Miles starring the great Mary Louise Wilson. I've been a fan of hers since she gloriously portrayed Diana Vreeland in Full Gallop, and then won raves on Broadway in Grey Gardens, and her portrayal of a grandma in Greenwich Village got under my skin and stayed with me all weekend. So touching. 

Saturday I went to Minneapolis to give a speech for the Jewish Federation there. I'd never been to Minneapolis and was only there for less than a day, but it seemed beautiful and the people were insanely nice. I'm a midwest guy, so I guess they're my people; but I was completely overwhelmed at seeing women coming out in side ponytails and mazel shirts to say hi. It was quite touching and a fun night.

It felt like a great pre-curser to my book tour, which starts with signings in NYC and RIdgewood, New Jersey, then takes me to St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and D.C. We'll be adding signings in other locations soon, so look out. I feel pregnant waiting for m'book to finally come out. I got the actual book last week and it all seems surreal now. I am so excited for you guys to read it (hopefully.)

Thanks for your posts about the Atlanta reunion. I read them all and am listening. Onward to New Jersey! Loved having Khloe Kardashian with Caroline in the Clubhouse last night, by the way. Worlds colliding. By the way, if you like WWHL, I hope you'll check out our After Show, which we post daily on It's 10 or 15 minutes more of content and we get through a ton more of your questions. I'm often frustrated at how fast a show goes and how few callers we get to, and so we try to run through a bunch on the After Show, as well as many more of your Twitter questions.

In non-Bravo news, I got an advance copy of the new Scissor Sisters album and I love it. Can't stop listening. I'm also totally hooked on Mad Men and am giving Girls a shot. Oh, and I took Kathy Griffin to the opening of Evita and we loved it. I don't know what the hell was the NYT's problem when they reviewed it. A fantastic production. Tomorrow night I'm seeing Matthew Broderick in the Gershwin-palooza, Nice Work If You Can Get It. I can't wait to see him sing and dance again.

And I can't get Kathy's freaking theme song out of my head! Is anyone else having this issue??

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