Andy Cohen reflects on everything from pancakes to Lindsay Lohan's latest turn as SNL host.


I really love pancakes and I never eat them. They've been on m'brain though and since they came up on the show last night I can't stop thinking about them. What did you think of Kandi's special, by the way? I got a lot of tweets and am interested in your feedback -- always.

I watched the bulk of Season 2 of Downton Abbey over the weekend and was kinda bummed about what a soap opera it turned into. There were a few mega-shark jumpy things that happened, but I guess I'm overall still loving the show because I can't wait to see the finale. And, by the way, I do love a soap opera so don't get me wrong. 

The "Real Housewives of Disney" sketch on SNL was hilarious. I couldn't have loved it any more. I was sitting there watching the show live in Sag Harbor trying to figure out what happened to LiLo's beautiful face when it came on and I fell out. Back to the face -- she is so young and pretty I am hoping that stuff will come out and she'll look 20 years younger. She is so talented and I bet she has a huge comeback.

What do you think of the latest Madonna song? I listened once and didn't love it but it took one more listen for me to be obsessed.  What can I say? She is in my blood.

Tonight after Bethenny we premiere Love Broker starring New York matchmaker Lori Zazlow -- she's a very likeable woman who is obsessed with finding everybody their soul mate. That's her business and she stays with people until they're matched. She's going to be on WWHL tonight with Fran Drescher, so that'll be a yenta-fest. 

I think I finally caught up on sleep over the weekend. I hope I don't blow it over the next couple days.  Wish me luck.

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