Normal Office Conversation

Normal Office Conversation

Who doesn't talk about tits in the workplace?

Hello there, my name is Lindsey, and I am an Associate Producer on Watch What Happens Live. Just like you, I am a huge fan of all things Bravo and love that a large part of my job consists of watching hours and hours of Bravo shows!

Another fun part of my job is getting to help create the remixes you see on our show. To get the season started off right, Andy and our producers decided we had to make a Milania Mega Mix for Sunday’s show with Teresa and Joe. I had the pleasure of compiling all our favorite Milania moments and jumbling them up into a crazy remix with our fantastic editor, James. Wednesday’s hilarious Grandma Edith remix, where we looped her saying “tits” multiple times, was just another day in the office. I had no trouble telling James when, where, and how often “tits” needed to be used within the remix. That’s totally normal office conversation, right? Right!

After all our remix clips are completed and the clock ticks closer to show time, my job (along with some other fabulous ladies) is to patrol the internet and read all of your Facebook comments, tweets, texts, and emails. I am always amazed at how many great questions we get every night. We love to read what you all are thinking and are always laughing out loud at your hilarious commentary. Clearly on Sunday I NEEDED to pull the question from @MollyEdington: Will Joe Giudice please do the splits? Never did I think our dream would come true – but to my delight Joe gave the splits a go! Perhaps Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga DO have something in common -- they are both unable to turn down a dare!




We got Ramotional on Monday with Ramona and a Ramona impersonator. After the show, Mario took this picture and it blew my mind!


Tuesday night turned into a cake-tastrophe (but this time in a good way, unlike #CakeGate in the O.C.) when Gretchen Rossi and Niecy Nash were blindfolded and forced to dig through cake to find a fake diamond. This special WWHL moment was made possible by our swift production assistants who managed to sneak a coffee table, two cakes, and plenty of napkins into the studio within 25 seconds. After the game was over, our PAs removed the whole mess just as quickly during the commercial break and helped to get Niecy and Gretchen clean. While running into the studio to give Andy the latest Twitter questions, I found this in the hallway. Midnight snack anyone?


It was great to be back in the Clubhouse this week! Andy makes this job a blast each and every day. He certainly is the king of late-night fun! See you all next week.

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