The Housewife Wannabe

The Housewife Wannabe

WWHL's Reseach Associate Producer talks about her new love affair with the Countess.

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Hey y'all! I’m Christie, a Research Associate Producer and Interactive Producer (along with last week’s blogger, Megan) here at WWHL. What does that mean exactly? We scour the Internet for vintage clips, bizarre photos, and rumors to bring to your living rooms every night. My job is what most people do at work every day against their boss’ wishes: surf the internet for pop culture references and funny celebrity photos!

I also work on the interactive aspect of the show; reading your tweets, Facebook comments, emails, texts, and sometimes even taking your phone calls. We love our viewers and they sure do have a lot to say, but this fellow Housewife fanatic can’t blame you! I too am obsessed with all things Bravo. I was thrilled when my co-workers voted me “Most Likely To Be A Real Housewife” (See!). While some people might be offended by this title, I was honored! I have always wanted to wear wigs, throw drinks on people, pretend to be a popstar, have a hairless dog, spend $25,000 on a pair of sunglasses, and “check boos.” I can’t help it! While I may have little in common with these ladies, I feel as though we could all be best friends (or at least live in the same gated community and pretend to be friends to each other’s faces).

For Monday’s show I was given the task of doing research on the Countess. To be completely honest, I too have my own favorite Housewife from every city, and well, I live and breathe for Ramona, so going into my research I had my guard up. I immediately realized none of that mattered once I started digging for Countess fun facts. You see, like the rest of the Bravo audience, I am overly invested in these women and their happiness. I’ve considered Luann an “acquaintance” since “meeting” her on the first season in 2008 (that’s longer than many of my actual friends in NYC). I know how much you care about these Bravolebrities (isn’t that why you call in and tweet every week?), because before I started working at WWHL, I was a super fan. I’m not ashamed to say, it’s a pretty common occurrence for my coworkers to glance over at my desk and find me weeping while watching an episode of Real Housewives of Any City (When Heather changed her name this year on Orange County?! Sobbing!), and don’t even get me started on Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding!While researching LuAnn I found tons of great pics of her family. Her kids are growing up so fast! I feel old. I loved this clip of her and Jacques having an adorably romantic lunch.

The College Tour

“I’m so happy for LuAnn,” I thought. I’m also obsessed with this fierce '80s picture of her when she was a nurse. Who knew the Countess was a nurse? First Kim Zolciak and now the Countess! Do our nation’s health care issues stem from professionals leaving the field to become Real Housewives?! After doing hours of research on the Countess I thought to myself, “Well that was fun!”

Wait a minute! Was I falling for the Countess? Thinking back, my love affair with Luann started this year at the Bravo All-Star Party. When she turned around and threw dollar bills into the air during her Money Can’t Buy You Class performance my heart exploded! Standing in the back of the audience, I was filled with so much sheer joy, my only reaction was to just start running around in circles and screaming! Elegance IS learned (mah friends)!

Show Highlight
Countess LuAnn Brings the Class
I felt conflicted and confused, but more importantly, once again, way too invested in this complete stranger’s life. My suspicions were confirmed when LuAnn was backstage at WWHL on Monday talking to our other guest Mark Feuerstein. She was gushing about her children and speaking to Jacques in French. On the elevator ride down together, an audience member announced that it was her birthday. LuAnn and Jacques immediately launched into song; “happy birthday to you,” they sang. LuAnn was radiant, effortlessly stunning and OMG is that lady tall! You see, you think you know someone until you do hours of research on them. For this week at least, I had a new favorite Housewife...c’est bon, c’est bon.  

LuAnn de Lesseps & Jacques (July 16, 2012)

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