When a Ginger Man Loves a Woman

When a Ginger Man Loves a Woman

A WWHL Editor finally fulfills his dream of meeting Tamra Barney.

Lots has happened around the WWHL offices this past week, but after taking a look back, the first thing that pops in my head is, well, scandalous. Actually, I’m strangely intrigued by the reaction I’m having to this “thing.” And the more I think about this “thing,” the more I giggle in delightful, candid confusion. Not kidding. I’m sitting at my desk right this second with a smile from here to Brooklyn.
Now this “thing” is not one of Andy’s many cute little off-air moments (and there are many – i.e. this week I had two of my adorable boy-friends come to see the show, after which Andy gave them both a giant, simultaneous bear hug saying, “Awe they’re like cute little house pets!,” which I thought was strangely accurate). This is not some juicy piece of behind-the-scenes gossip involving Denise Richards. Nor is it when Australian sex-goddess Kylie Minogue smiled at me devilishly from about two feet away. And, surprisingly, it’s not even when the Adonis-like Joe Manganiello walked into our reception area as I was walking out, saying to me with a deep, satisfying voice, “Hello,” as I nearly fainted from momentary over-exposure to the manliest manly-man and the manly air particles that surrounded him. (Note: if you’d ever like to know what a REAL man looks like, find a way to meet Joe Manganiello in person. God. THAT is a REAL LIVE MAN). No. No. At this moment, none of that is on my mind.Rather, the first thing that comes leaping to my attention from this past week was a moment a couple nights back at about 1:00am when none other than James-quick-fingers-Monohan, our resident curly-haired ginger and remix mastermind (a.k.a. our editor) was seen getting all chatty-Kathy with one of the O.G.s of the O.C. (a.k.a. Orange County’s hottest housewife) Tamra Barney. One moment I’m having a casual conversation with another producer about our summer travel plans, James standing right next to me, and the next moment I look over and Tamra has used every last one of her Real Housewife super powers to completely seduce James’ attention. I attempted to resume conversation with my producer friend, but when I again glanced up at the ginger-blonde situation happening I was SHOCKED to discover James’ face attached to the collagen-injected lips of the blonde-bombshell herself. Needless to say, I was speechless. The three tequilas in my system were no match for the spontaneous romance happening mere feet away.


I should note that about once a week all of us producers hang around after the show and enjoy the perks of working in the Bravo Clubhouse. And by perks I mean cocktails. Delicious, much-earned, somewhat hastily mixed, but all the while necessary cocktails. That said, I refuse to believe it was just the cocktails speaking that prompted this romantic rendezvous. No, no. This is about much more than meets the eye. This is about a fleeting moment for our dear ginger-haired friend. It’s about real love -- the love between an editor and his muse. Finally, for about 5 minutes of their lives, James and Tamra were together at last.
On occasion while cutting together a Tamra-related package for the show, James has mentioned he’d like to talk to Tamra one of these days. He claims she “reminds him of a friend of his,” but I think this is simply a defensive mechanism working inside James’ heart. “Don’t get too close,” his heart tells him, “Don’t get too close.” On that night, James got too close.
This probably isn’t as interesting/comical to you as it has been for me. But I don’t care. The pleasure I get from the ginger/Tamra relationship is exhilarating. Nor do I care that I have completely exploited dear quick-fingers for the sake of this blog post. Thank you, James.
*Note: some events in this rendition have been exaggerated for the sake of my own entertainment.

Chase Dillon, Associate Producer on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live

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