Blue Cheese and Blunders

Blue Cheese and Blunders

WWHL's Segment Producer sounds off on the wild week that was. 

Hey guys! It's Melissa, Segment Producer on the wacky WWHL team. What a week for my first blog! The show was filled with Lap-Band survivors, 1970's crotches, Zoila, and lots and lots of blue cheese dressing! I'd like to point out that NOBODY will ever be able to write that exact same sentence about their job and THAT is why I love working on this batsh*t crazy show! 

It turns out that our Producers' office is filled with October and November babies and this week we celebrated John Hill's and Robyn's birthdays! I've never been part of a team that loves to celebrate birthdays so much and I LOVE it! We've been recycling this Happy Birthday banner around the office for the past three weeks now and it seems to be holding up pretty well (until tonight when everybody gets wasted in the Clubhouse after the show and someone rips it down). 

Anthony Lella our ever so charming Beyonce obsessed Production Coordinator is always happy to be in charge of figuring out what types of treats we are going to surprise the birthday boy/girl with and John Hill's Birthday Tart was as original as you can get. It basically looked like a big gold penis with shiny fruit around it. A-MAZ-ING


The WWHL team was of course excited to see our fav Jersey badass Caroline Manzo on Monday, especially after the extremely intense season we all just witnessed. But I was actually more excited to see Lauren in person since her Lap-Band surgery. I mean we got a glimpse of her on the reunion but I needed to see the transformation with my own eyes in person. The girl did NOT disappoint!!! She is so tiny and looks so happy in her black leather outfit! Congrats to her! One thing that surprised me was the fact that Lauren not only walked in with fierce confidence, she also walked in with Albie's ex-girlfriend Lindsey Andrews!! Whaaaa?? I was shocked when I saw Lindsey in the studio! Are Albie and Lindsey back on? Who knew Lauren and Linds were such besties? I'm confused. 


And what would a Monday night be without some vintage celeb crotches! Yep, we wanted to make Scott Baio's first visit to the Clubhouse a memorable one so we decided to make him feel super comfortable and have him identify celebrity crotches from the past. Not creepy at all! This game was actually a last minute change. Zara and John Jude were trying to think of something that rhymed with Scott's old TV show title "Joanie Loves Chachi" so they came up with "Andy Loves Crotchy!!" which made all of us LOL for about 2 minutes straight in the office. Just another example of our funny way of coming up with games, title first, game second. Surprisingly enough Scott was a good sport and knew just about EVERY crotch we showed him!

Two things we all walked away with on Scott Baio night...

1. He knows his crotches

2. His wife likes to tweet ;)

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Andy Loves Crotchy

Zoila Chavez = Magic

I never get star struck but there is one person that I've been waiting to see face to face at the Clubhouse forever and that is everyones favorite Bravolebrity, Zoila! As I saw her walk towards me in the control room she was exactly how I imagined her...cute as a freakin' button!! She was walking around in her sparkly flats until she had to put on her big girl shoes for the show. Our Talent Producers said that she was so cute when they were prepping her and she just could NOT stop talking about her "Jeffrey." Awwwww! 

Toss!!! That!!! Salad!!!

When I first thought of this game title I had no idea how the game would actually play out and I wasn't even going to pitch it because I thought it may be a little too dirty (apparently John Jude and Deirdre have pegged me as the team "Creep"). I decided to pitch it anyway. As soon as I sent my email my Supervising Producer John Jude whispered over to me and fist pumped the title "TOSS! THAT! SALAD!!!" After that I had a feeling we had a game for our Life After Top Chef guys. To make the game super simple we decided to do the logical thing and just have the players spray a sh*t load of salad dressing at each other. We had less than five minutes to set up the game during commercial break so everyone was running around trying to prep the game exactly how we rehearsed it. Everything went according to plan except for the fact that I tripped over the tarp on the floor and fell right into Chef Jen. Andy's eyes widened and stared as Jen and I tried to stay on our feet. We survived and laughed it off. Andy kept saying that HE felt sick after the game and we figured out why. The stentch of salad dressing filled the studio and eventually made its way to the control room for us all to enjoy. Disgusting!

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Toss! That! Salad!

Unfortunately for our adorable cameraman Carlos, the blue cheese dressing caught some air and landed on his cute little face. Poor  guy!!


OK, so the epic moment of this week happened in the conrol room on Toss! That! Salad! night. You would think that if someone was going to fall on their ass it was going to be Richard or Spike during the game since they were drenched in salad dressing. NOPE.


That is our Director Sarah! Why is she on the floor? How did she get there? Is she OK? We were wondering all of these things, but what we were most concerned about was who was going to capture this moment best on their cell phone!? After taking about a dozen pictures of poor Sarah on the floor we made sure she was OK and continued to laugh our asses off. We still have no idea why Sarah fell off her chair. And I'm pretty sure she still has no clue either. It just happened and we are not going to dwell on the specifics because it made all of us leave the Clubhouse with huge smiles on our faces.



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