We're Back and Full of Surprises!

We're Back and Full of Surprises!

WWHL's Supervising Producer reveals her favorite moments of the week.

By Producer's Blog

Hi, it’s Caissie from the Watch What Happens Live staff, again. How was your summer? WE MISSED YOU! While kids all over America were getting ready to go back to school, though, we were getting ready to bring you an all new season of Bravo Clubhouse shenanigans!

One of the things I love the most about the show is that no matter how much our staff and Andy prepare, because the show is live, and because the bar is open and the drinks are free, you might as well not even try to predict what’s about to go off during that magical half hour that starts when the clock strikes eleven! (Did I make it sound like the staff drinks during the show just now? None of us do -– that I know of! As a rule, we wait until the show is over and then once a week or so, we’ll have a drink or two in our office together -- which sounds a bit sad now that I’m saying it out loud, but it’s the responsible thing to do when you’re trying to operate all the keyboards and cameras and doo dads you need to get a TV show on the air. The guests and Andy and our audience, though? They have as many real premium alcohol beverages as they like during the broadcast. Trust.)

So far, there have already been a lot of unexpected and memorable moments in the first week of Season 8. I was SURPRISED when Andy spontaneously elicited an apology from the (formerly wicked) Queen of All Media, Perez Hilton, to pass along to Andy’s pal and friend of the show, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Perez's Apology

I was DELIGHTED when Andy, Kevin Jonas and Lance Bass were able to recreate five Jo Bro boy band photo shoot poses in less than thirty seconds!

Show Highlight
Strike a Pose

I was SHOCKED at the sheer poundage of diamonds Real Housewife of Miami, Lea Black, wore on the show like it was not a big deal at all! Seriously, if you ever wonder how some Housewives keep their arms toned, it’s from hoisting their jewels around. Who needs wrist weights?

Andy always tells us that when it comes to the Real Housewives of any city, it’s the little details that other people might not even notice that truly tickle him the most. What someone orders for lunch or a hug that goes on just one second too long are what he finds most thrilling. Well, this week, I can honestly say that of all the things that happened during the premiere week of Watch What Happens Live, my number one favorite moment was one that, for all I know, I very well may have been the only person to take note of. During Monday’s episode with actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum and New York Housewife Heather Thomson, I was standing in the studio watching the ladies field Andy’s every question with aplomb, when I shifted my focus from what was happening in real life in the chairs in front of me to what was being captured by the cameras on the monitor. As Heather spoke, our two bartenders, Chippendales dancers Billy and JJ, stood behind the bar dutifully chopping lemons and limes, their torsos framed in the shot. And every time Billy cut into a piece of fruit, his bulging pectoral muscle involuntarily bobbed up and down right next to Heather’s talking head. Remember those old sing-along cartoons where you were supposed to follow the bouncing ball? Yeah, it was kind of like that. I hope everyone at home was listening to Heather, because I’m sure whatever she was saying was very important, but all I could focus on was Billy’s buoyant breast meat and trying not to die of laughter.

I guess if I had to choose a second favorite moment, it was when another bartender, long lost Jonas Brother “Merv” made his pecs do a little dance for us. What can I say? I guess I’m a boob girl!


Caissie St.Onge is a long-time TV worker bee and she’s also published a Young Adult Novel (Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever.) and has another one coming out…soon-ish! Follow her on Twitter, @Caissie.
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