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S9 - E54

Caroline Manzo & Bobby Moynihan

Mazel- Harry Styles from One Direction. Now, I had no idea he was Jewish but I’ve been so excited all week about what he Tweeted the other day. He Tweeted that he was excited about his Seder and that he was freaked out about saying the four questions. Here’s what, baruch ata Adonai Eloheynu elo-hey-you call me!Jakchole- The as yet unidentified theives who broke into the Vega hair company in Macon, Georgia this week. They stole $35,000 worth of hair extensions and weaves. Ok, if I was ever going to be inspired to be a superhero who avenges his crimes, this would be my crimes! Snatching weaves is NOT okay, I simply find this behavior wretched! 

Aired: 03/28/2013