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S9 - E26

Taylor Armstrong & Nigel Barker

Mazel- The Pope! Sure he’s only been on the job for seven years and he’s the first Pope to resign since 1415, but being the Pope must be really hard. So Pope Benedict, AKA Joseph Ratzinger, AKA Joey Ratz, just take off your pointy hat and kick off your fancy red slippers and relax, you have earned it. But I do think you’re going to miss fun pope perks like this. Jackhole- Some folks at Sullivan High School in Indiana who want a separate ‘traditional’ prom that bans gay kids. But a special Jackhole to local teacher Diana Medley who reportedly says she believes students choose to be gay and that “I don’t agree with them, but I care. Same thing with my special needs kids.” and then she added that she doesn’t think gay people serve a purpose in life. Ms Medley you may not be a homosexual, but I think you are a nomosexual. That means when you try to have sex with someone, they probably yell ‘No mo!’

Aired: 02/11/2013