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How Could You?

Episode 3:'s Assistant Editor thinks Dusty's piece was really speaking to the Sucklord and Lola's flirting.

While I do love the crying video (as I'm sure you've already gathered from the past two recaps), my new obsession is most certainly this video of Simon re-enacting the Beverly Hills game night fight. Is there really anything more brilliant that Simon playing Brandi, Kyle, Kim, and Taylor? Not at Bravo HQ in any event. Hearing him shout "slut pig" is even more enjoyable than hearing him say "Sucklord" over and over again, as hard as that may be to believe. work-of-art-season-2-gallery-rate-the-work-203-05.jpgNow that you've had your moment of joy with Simon de Pury, let's dive in to this week's challenge -- pop art. The artists took a number of different approaches. Kymia wanted to make a statement about the environment (and sexy advertising), Sarah took on the economic crisis, and the Sucklord went for the biggest crisis the country was facing at the time -- Charlie Sheen. How much did you want to play with the tiger blood and warlock dust?work-of-art-season-2-gallery-rate-the-work-203-09.jpg

I think Dusty's trash can was really speaking to directly to the Sucklord. If you have a girlfriend, quit flirting with Lola! On the other hand though, I kind of love seeing if he has any game (which evidently he does). Clearly the key to successful seduction is to be a super were some serious hits and misses at the gallery show. Kymia's work was a success, but I had to wonder, how would they be able to put such a, um, exposed pice in Entertainment Weekly? I took a stab at an alternative above. 

It was Young who won with his interactive Prop 8 piece. Props to you, Young! (Sorry, I couldn't resist).work-of-art-season-2-gallery-rate-the-work-203-12_1.jpg

In the double elimination, Jazz-Minh and Leon (not just Jazz-Minh's two alter-egos) went home because their pieces didn't pop. Interesting side note, Jerry says in his blog that if Jazz-Minh had only included the "bite me" picture, she probably would have won. The importance of editing is definitely coming through this season, first Ugo now Jazz-Minh.Next week SJP is back and she's bringing some munchkins. No, not doughnuts, kids!

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