Courtney: Layla Was Just Getting the Truth from Joe

Courtney: Layla Was Just Getting the Truth from Joe

Courtney Paul tells us what he really thinks of Joe Lazo and defends Layla's confrontation with the new trainer. 

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More Money, More Problems: Joe and Layla's Blow Up Why do you think you’re the “crazy glue” of the group? What does that mean?

Courtney PaulI am wild at times, have a low to no filter, and some people just don't get my humor so they call me nuts. I'm also fiercely loyal, sometimes to a fault, so ain't no messing with my clique.

Is Joe The Most Interesting Man in the World? Be honest, were you hazing newbie Joe at the gym and at drinks?

CP: I love to push buttons! I like to see how far I can bring a person to the edge playfully before I really know if I like them. If you cannot take a few of my can't hang with me! What is your wildest client story?

CP: A client once kissed me. He was hot so I had to decide on if I wanted it or  continue training him for The Benjamins! Mr, Franklin won! What do you think of Joe and Layla’s blow-up?

CP: Layla was just getting to the truth of what's really going on. Joe loves to brag about how he earned all of his material possessions like his apartment, clothing, and shoes through his personal training....boy bye! That's just not how the rest of us do. Mmmmm hmm!

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