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Holly: Joe Set Himself Up For An Attack From Layla

The #WorkOut trainer on saving a client's life and being the "piped piper of New York Housewives."

By Holly Rilinger
More Money, More Problems: Joe and Layla's Blow Up Why is it so hard to date when you’re a trainer? What do you think about Courtney’s comments about you being the “piped piper of New York Housewives”? 

Holly Rilinger: I give a lot of myself to work. I am always on the go, so when the day winds down, it's nice to decompress alone or just chill with close friends. Finding more of a work-life balance and "me" time is something I need to work on. (Or maybe I should say "she time"). In regards to Courtney's comments, I am not so sure about being the "pied piper" but I am definitely flattered that he thinks so. What is your craziest client story? 

HR: I have clients who actually weep during my Flywheel class. Completely break down and then break through emotionally during those 45 minutes. I think that's crazy amazing. Also, I saved my client's life once. I had a group of my friends/clients over for dinner. Several drinks into the night, we're sitting around the table having dinner, and Sam who is sitting next to me, taps me on the shoulder with panic in her eyes. I can tell she cannot breathe at all and is choking. I know her personality, she would not be asking me for help if she wasn't about to die. I instantly jump up, get behind her and do the Heimlich. I hear her gasp for air, she starts crying and she's fine. So yeah, we still talk about how I saved her life. NBD. What do you think of Joe and Layla’s blow-up? 

HR: Joe likes to pick and choose the parts of his life that he wants to discuss and to the outside world, that can be off-putting. Layla likes to push his buttons and always seems to be curious how he can afford the lifestyle he exudes. I see both sides of it, but when you tend to brag about the shoes you own and the labels you wear, you're setting yourself up for attack - that battle, I will definitely stay away from.

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