#WorkOut Poll: Which Side of the Layla-Joe Showdown Are You?

#WorkOut Poll: Which Side of the Layla-Joe Showdown Are You?

Layla Luciano called Joe Lazo out, did he overreact or did the bootylicious trainer cross a line? 

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More Money, More Problems: Joe and Layla's Blow Up
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The trainers bodies weren't the only thing heating up the screen on the season premiere of Work Out New York - drama between Layla Luciano and Joe Lazo flared up when the newbie trainer wouldn't put his money where his mouth was. It's no secret that Joe likes the finer things in life; from his 429 pairs of shoes to designer meggings, he's one stylish cat. However, his taste for luxury wasn't quite adding up for fellow trainers Lena Marti and Layla. Plus there's all those go-go dancing rumors flying around...so when Joe showed up to drinks with the ladies, it was the perfect opportunity to get to the bottom of this financial mystery. 

When Lena questioned Joe about how exactly he pays for this high-end lifestyle, she got a whole lot more than she asked for. Layla quickly jumped into the conversation, asking Joe "Where am I going wrong?" in comparison to Joe's seeming successin fitness, adding fuel to the fire insinuating Joe has a "sponsor." Joe called the entire conversation "distasteful" commenting in his interview, "It seems like nobody taught her communication etiquette." The confrontation ended with Joe getting up, muttering "F--- this" under his breath, as Layla stated, "You mad 'cause it's true" as he walked out the door.

But what do you think? Was Joe being "shady" about his past or did Layla go too far in her attempt to get some answers? 

Vote below and tune in Sundays to Work Out New York at 9/8c! 



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