Props to Selma Blair for Keeping it Real About Her Intense Hiking Vacation

Props to Selma Blair for Keeping it Real About Her Intense Hiking Vacation

Getting away has its up and downs. Detox to retox!

By Ko Im

Remember when we named Ranch 4.0 as one of the hottest luxury fit camps in the world? Well, American Crime Story star Selma Blair (she's currently slaying in her role as Kris Jenner on the show about the O.J. Simpson trial) must have been reading. The star just paid a visit to the Malibu property, and provided a detailed account of her stay. And it is the funniest travelogue we have seen on social media in a long time. Her posts encouraged fans follow along on her outdoorsy adventure... and what we found was a rollercoaster of pure excitement and exhaustion. We're amused AND inspired. Behold:

1. Pre-Vacay Post

First, she drums up excitement and self motivates for getting away from it all. 

2. Relax and Retreat

She very calmly lays out the mix of activities and expresses gratitude. #Blessed! 

3. Food Frenzy

She shares a snap of cutest meal: bite-sized goodness in a jar (even if we're still hangry just looking at that). 

4. Not Just Yet

I mean, no one really looks forward to long hikes right? This isn't a beach date and Selma makes us want to ROFL or namastay in bed.

5. Get Up and Go

The endorphins must be kicking in!

6. Plant Porn

Selma gets on a natural high after foraging for a natural snack. 

7. If the Shoe Fits...

She went all Wild on us by hiking until the soles literally came apart from her shoes. 

8. Feet Up

Selma made a quick shoe change and voila — she was back at it the next day!

9. Leg Day

She ended her #hikeathon recap with a well-deserved soak in the tub with criss-crossed sports tape. Hopefully she didn't drop her phone from exhilaration exhaustion! 

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