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A New Beginning

"Z-Snack" talks about her new client, Carol!


I love that Jackie is giving herself a new beginning this season, being newly single. And in the midst of her own life-change-euphoria, Jackie has created SKYLAB: A super intense training program aimed at helping others change their lives through fitness. Jackie won't be content until she fixes all of us, by the way. It's just a matter of time.


All the trainers were assigned one SKYLAB client to torture over several weeks. My girl is Carol - who affectionately refers to me as "Z-Snack" or "White Devil" depending upon her mood. We're both determined to win this unspoken competition between all the trainers and SKYLAB clients. She is over 49% body fat, so I know that we can see some drastic improvement if we make a few changes in her workout regimen and diet.



I'm a big believer in baby steps and I think with the right mindset, support, and enthusiasm, anything is possible. I'm excited for Carol to start a new chapter in her life, but I'm fully aware that she may want to hurt me at times. Hate me now, love me later, Carol. It's interesting to see "something" develop between Jackie and Rebecca. I'm not really sure what's going on there, but the other trainers seem to have their feathers ruffled. I guess I wouldn't be that surprised because I know that Rebecca has entertained the idea of being with a woman and Jackie even says that Rebecca is her "type." Rebecca is really a breath of fresh air, though. She'll say and do anything at least once, and she gives great details. Jackie did have a pretty cool new bed.



And do Jackie and Peeler have yet another abrasive exchange? Well, does a one-legged duck swim in a circle? I'm just surprised they haven't had a smackdown yet. I'd like to see those two step into the ring in those big foam sumo wrestler/Gumby suits and go three rounds. Of course, no one would be hurt because of the padding ... and it'd be fun to watch. Huge pay-per-view event! I can feel it. And of course, I cried when I saw Doug and Jesse finally make up. Thank God. Leave it to Doug to not just want to be Jesse's friend, but his BEST friend. Man, I love that guy.

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