Maybe I Should Write A Song About It...

Maybe I Should Write A Song About It...

Gregg wonders if he's really a romantic.



So, I just found out after watching this episode that Jackie partakes in lesbodionism - kind of shocking. Of course, I'm joking. But to be honest, I didn't see any of this romantic material between Jackie and Rebecca, and I guess It's all pretty heartwarming. Some people may call me a romantic, most others not, but I am a realist. I do feel like whatever your sexual preference, couples are going to have problems and rationalize them to stay comfortable. I have to applaud Jackie for being able to walk away from a situation that had become such a large part of her identity.


I remember seeing Mimi and Jackie the day AFTER fights and them going through the motions of repair that had so seemingly become second nature. Maybe I should write a song about it.... I'm sure I already have.



I remember the house party... kind of. Peeler, who by the way I did not realize was so brilliant until he reminded me, stormed off and got real hot headed-country real fast. I normally instigate these situations, but didn't want to see furniture moving. Before we arrived at this party Doug, Andre, Brian and I went to a private party and we all had such a rad time, it seems like two different nights. I miss Doug a lot, he was stepping up to be my biggest friend on the show and he was the man. At least Jesse and him resolved this week so he can show his face in the bars again this weekend. So cheers - keep watching and listening.

b nice, g dot b dot

PS - About my music: OK, so here is a little taste. In this clip I refer to myself in the third person more than any person should. EVER. So, the song your hearing me play on guitar is "3.46 am" a real chill song written a while back about, well, being up late. The song we're mixing right now is a submission for the theme of your favorite show on Bravo for future use. More about me: Originally I was a piano player, but started focusing on other instruments about six years ago. It's a lot of work, just like hitting them weights. Last year I began working with super producer Rob Gi'hana and signed with indie label 3dreams Entertainment and joined my production company Baby Blue Music, with his company Dropsoul Productions and have been rockin and rollin ever since. Much love to Gi. Well anyways, "Exit Music" should be available sometime this summer, you should go check out for more music info and clips. We'll be on our way to a town near you very very soon.

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