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Performance Under Pressure

Andre reacts to Jackie's scolding!



The Lake Arrowhead trip really opened my eyes, and when I heard that Jackie and Laurie's dads both committed suicide it blew me away. It made me realize just how fortunate I am to have had a great childhood and to have two great parents. I think we all know how important our early years are and to hear such devastating stories almost had me in tears. I also have the tendency to keep things bottled up, and Lake Arrowhead taught me that it's OK to open up and share. It was really cool to see Jesse go to Rebecca and apologize for his part in their Arrowhead feud. We all make mistakes each and everyday, but growing from those mistakes is what defines the true individual you are. Rebecca seemed sincere when accepting his apology but something tells me this is not over. Some relationships and friendships seem destined to be or become roller coaster rides, this is how I view their friendship ... the feud is not over. Trust me.



Jackie's scolding of us really seemed to motivate Erika and Peeler. Seeing them kick their SkyLab clients butt's made me wish that I was even harder on my client Kiki. They both showed what great trainers they are by not taking no for an answer and by using the Arrowhead trip as motivation to take their clients to the next level. I kind of felt bad about Jackie's ordeal with her clothing line. I know how much of a micro-manager she can be, so I just know her head was about to explode when she got the horrible samples. But just like the pro she is, she made it work when she met with the clothing reps in Indiana. When the pressure is on, Jackie comes through in the clutch. I have that same ability and seeing Jackie perform under pressure was awesome.


Does Erika really look like Angelina Jolie? Hell yeah! Enough said. Jackie's desire to reconnect with her mom is only natural. I think this will really show how Jackie has grown since she last saw her mom. She previously had a take-it-or-leave-it approach with her mom, but now it seems she really wants to get to the core of their problem. We all go through life and have many relationships and friendships. But you can only have one mother/daughter or mother/son relationship ever. I am so glad to see Jackie working to better that relationship with her mom.

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