Power Is Great!

Erika talks about her Angelina Jolie look-a-like shoot.



I almost feel like Jackie, having a camera follow ME around for half the day, getting my hair and make up done AND making my client cry! Power is great!



I mean I really didn't want Meaghan to cry, but I am very happy that she did. It was the kick in the ass and the tough love speech that she needed to jump start her motivation again. And those tears worked because those tears made her go down two dress sizes! She looked amazing in her Oscar dress. I was so proud of all the hard work she put in and not only did she physically look great, but her energy and spirit improved! She is a changed woman!


As far as I go, I was a scared woman. The whole Angelina look-a-like shoot was so nerve wracking. First of all, I don't think I look like her in the slightest, and knowing how people love to judge others, I was a mess inside. I was so nervous that the make-up artist, photographer, agent and whom-else, were totally going to laugh at me. Although it is a total compliment to be compared to her,she is one hard person to measure up to! I wouldn't mind being doted on some more though. I could live with a make up artist and hair stylist at my disposal!!!

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