Watches + Cardio + Angelina

Watches + Cardio + Angelina

Erika answers viewer questions!


Carmen wrote: As you were talking to your SkyLab client, Meaghan, they showed your watch for a brief second. I have seen that watch in other locations but I can not get the name or the style of watch i am looking so i can buy it because it is such a beautiful piece of jewelry. Please let me know if you can help me. Thanks!

Dear Carmen,

My watch is a Cartier. The model is called a Panther and it is a men's size. You can get it at any Cartier store. I bought it as a gift to myself when I first started training. Because my life revolves around time, I wanted a nice watch!


C. Cipriano wrote: Does it bother you that people always say that you look like Angelina Jolie? I mean yes you do resemble her a lot but does it get old?

Dear C. Cipriano,

No it never gets old being compared to Ms. Jolie!! Thank you for saying that I resemble her, I only wish my bank account looked a lot like hers as well!


Rebecca wrote: I'm trying to lose about 30lbs, could you give me some tips on what kind of exercises work best and what to eat and when?

Dear Rebecca,

Get come cardio work in about 4-5x a week for 45 min to an hour. Running, fast walking, stair master, elliptical are all great forms of cardio. Start off slowly and continue to build. For weights, focus on the large muscle groups such as your legs, back, chest and shoulders. Bigger muscle groups burn more calories. You want to eat protein, carbs and fat at every meal. But for dinner, drop your carbs. You do not need the energy they provide before you go to sleep.

Thanks everyone, Erika

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