What Would Doug Do?

What Would Doug Do?

Gregg writes a tribute to his good friend, Doug.



I haven't seen this week's episode. I do, however, remember the filming of it. The two guarantees in life are birth and death. There is nothing we can do to stop it. The only real solution I see to this inevitability is doing exactly what Doug did: live. I learned from Doug how to stay focused on every day being important. This was a man that showed only love and understaning for those around him. I don't want to say what's already been said, as well as being crystal clear for all of the viewers, but I must ... Doug was a gift to this world. I miss him and I can only hope there's a little of him left in all of us.


So raise your glasses and let's make a toast to our friend. He's left us with love. Many blessings to all of you out there. Thank you for your support for this entire season and this ordeal.

Much love, B nice g dot b dot

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