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A Pain In My Arse

Rebecca talks about the cruise and her blowout fight with Jackie.


I started watching this week's episode and thought, "Ooook good ... the focus is on the SkyLabbers and nutrition as it probably should be, right?" Don't get me wrong- I thoroughly enjoyed last week's episode with all its juiciness, but it felt a bit "Days of Our Sky Sport Lives." I was relieved to see that it wasn't all biznitch in Episode Two. Come on -- admit it. All work and no play makes Work Out one big snoozefest ... Zzz ... This week you met Paisley, who is the sweetest Southern belle (I'm writing that with my best Texan drawl -- can you hear it?). You will see more of her dynamic personality as the season progresses. What a little firecracker!!! Oh, the bikinis. What can I say about all that? I think we were in that store for an hour trying things on ... HEAVEN! CVS, Sephora, and bikini stores ... I could take up residency! Oh ... and ... ummm ... you got to see my arse. This episode, wait ... that scene in the store, single-handedly surpassed the tush quota for all three seasons!

The cruise was an absolute blast. The staff was incredible and the guests were ready to throwdown! Everyone on board was gracious and super-friendly. However, two major problems: 1. The rocking of the boat. We were a few miles from a ferocious hurricane, and we all pretty much wanted to hurl the entire time ... come to think of it, we all did! 2. My fight with Jackie. I avidly hate getting into it with the Jackster, so much so that I was cringing as I watched the episode and had to live it all over again. Plus, I hate how I'm smiling throughout the altercation, trying desperately to appear unaffected when I honestly wanted to SCREAM out from the rooftops (or the top deck, in this setting), "I CANNOT STAND YOU RIGHT NOW!" I think the anger was a result of feeling humiliated when she hijacked our boot camp coupled with the way she had been treating me. I find that most fights amongst friends are usually the culmination of several deeper issues that go unaddressed. Procrastinate long enough and you'll find yourself fuming mad over a boot camp on a cruise to Mexico. Sweet.

Next week is going to be scandalous! I have not yet seen Episode Three, but Jackie assures me that I am quite the little instigator! Moooiii? Never! Hee-hee! I haven't the slightest idea as to how to respond to your individual comments, so I apologize if your questions go unanswered. I assure you that I read them all and heart you for sharing your thoughts with me!

Until next week...put down the donut! xxoo

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