Back in the Swing of Things

Back in the Swing of Things

Jesse reveals which trainers to keep an eye on this season!



Well, there you go. We are back into the swing of things. Jackie's got a new girl, Brian Peeler's got a new problem, and we have a HOT NEW TRAINER ... Greg Plitt. Though at first glance, I must admit, I had a total preconceived idea of who Greg Plitt was going to be. It didn't take long for me to change my mind. His complete lack of interest in what Jackie thinks, just kinda, makes me have a guilty little grin! Keep your eyes on this one. He knows how to make some noise!

As for me, I lost a bunch of weight, I am feeling great, I got myself a GREAT guy, Calen, and well, I'm loving life! Of course I am going to put my two cents in like only I can. What else would you expect? I wouldn't be me without a little sarcastic comment here and there, right?!


This season promises to be quite a ride. Everyone has their own little story going on, and most of the stories are pretty dang entertaining, so keep watching!

Here's a little tip: Keep your eyes on Renessa. This girl knows how to have fun!

xxx, Jesse

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