Nothing Is Sacred

Nothing Is Sacred

Nothing has changed this season...besides Jesse's butt!



Did you really think things would change this season? Of course not -- the only thing that has changed is the size of Jesse's ass. He has lost a ton of weight and looks great. Thank god for small miracles. Anyway, there is plenty of drama to go around, which I am glad to say I am not a part of. Call me boring, but it is much more fun to watch other people's shit than air your own. I keep it on the DL when at work -- I really don't have the energy to fight with anyone nor do I really care enough about them.



Yes -- I wish every one well. I am not a complete jerk, but people CHOOSE to get themselves in stupid situations and I just can't deal. I have to think about protein, carbs, fat, lunges, squats, and how to motivate my clients 10 hours a day. Thank god Lisa arrived at Sky Sport; she is the next best thing than the Last Call sale at Neiman Marcus. I see a BFF for real! As far as the new trainers go, it's sink or swim time kids. Nothing is sacred at SkySport.

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