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Reality Bites

Jackie addresses the cheating rumor.



This is the hardest episode for me to watch. It is the only episode that I get tipsy and it looks like Renessa and I may or may not have had a moment (not true!) I didn't cheat on my girlfriend and was deeply committed to that relationship. Notice that Rebecca starts that rumor and nobody actually saw anything ...well, that's reality TV for you. Opinions are formed largely by what others say about me -- not what I have actually done. I feel that Rebecca was coming from a vengeful place and I wished she had stayed out of my personal life like I have always stayed out of hers. I am so sad and angry that a stupid rumor hurt and humiliated the girl that I loved. Sorry B, you shouldn't have had to go through that.



Moving on ... Erica's moment with me broke my heart. It just goes to show that loneliness is universal and no matter how we all appear on the surface, we all have insecurities that make us question ourselves. The key is to wake up every day and work, work, work on improving energy and your life. I never take a day off from that work.

OK -- Brian Peeler and the Mud Run. It's just too easy people ... so I am gonna let all the footage speak for itself. My advice is "your bark should never be more than your bite." For all of you inquiring about my new products, go to! Thanks all, Jackie

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