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FIRST AIRED: Jun 1 12/11c
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Season 4 | Ep 6: Rule #155: Go with the Magician
FIRST AIRED: Sep 21 10/9c

Abby (Lisa Edelstein) grapples with what to do with her father while making a last ditch effort to salvage her professional relationship with Barbara (Retta). Jo (Alanna Ubach) makes an impulsive decision that will affect the future of her business and her relationship with Albert (Brian Markinson). Phoebe (Beau Garrett) finds another way to make money by renting out her house, only to be shocked when someone from her past appears on her doorstep. Delia (Necar Zadegan) must face down an important test and Abby decides how to handle the situation with her father George (Barry Bostwick) with some input from an old friend.

Season 3 | Ep 1: Frisky Business
FIRST AIRED: Jul 12 10/9c

Jill and Andy are shocked by how much Hazel has matured when they visit her at sleepaway camp, while victims of Ernie Krevitt’s Ponzi scheme struggle with their new financial reality.

Season 3 | Ep 7: Weber M.D.
FIRST AIRED: Aug 23 9:30/8:30c

By day, Jill shoots Brooke’s new line of Von Weber wares, and by night she and Vanessa investigate a rash of infections plaguing the Upper "Yeast" Side. Candace seeks answers for why she keeps getting called "Candy Ass," and Lex tries to make the cut at MarsX. 

Season 22 | Ep 5: Scarlett Johansson
FIRST AIRED: Jun 22 8/7c

Known for her critically acclaimed roles in Lost in Translation, for which she won a BAFTA, Girl With a Pearl Earring, and Her, Johansson visits the Actors Studio to delve into her upbringing, how she got her start in the industry, and what life in the limelight has become. Her other roles include the worldwide blockbusters, The Avengers, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War, in addition to The Horse Whisperer, Ghost World, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Prestige, Lucy and Under the Skin, among others. On stage, Johansson won a Tony Award for her work in A View from the Bridge. 

Season 15 | Dorinda Medley And The Night of 31 Doorbells
FIRST AIRED: Apr 11 11/10c
Season 15 | Anna Faris and Snoop Dogg
FIRST AIRED: Apr 12 11/10c
Season 15 | Ep 1: It'll Take More than Pot Luck
FIRST AIRED: Dec 7 10/9c

A diverse group of chefs enter the Top Chef kitchen in Denver and are immediately put to work, tasked with making a pot luck dish to introduce themselves to the judges and their fellow competitors. Then the cheftestants prepare their modern take on a meat and potatoes dish for a blow-out block party in Larimer Square with 200 diners and Denver's biggest culinary names, including Hosea Rosenberg, Troy Guard, Frank Bonanno and Gregory Gourdet. The chefs learn the importance of the phrase 'first impressions are everything.'

Season 15 | Ep 5: This Is Not Glamping
FIRST AIRED: Jan 4 10/9c

In a competition first, Tom surprises the chefs with a twist that changes the game. After the shock wears off, the chefs are sent camping to make a 5-star meal outdoors, only to learn an unexpected storm welcomes them with a fresh blanket of snow forcing them to pull out every trick in their playbooks.  With only a few heat sources and limited local ingredients, the chefs must get resourceful if they want to remain in the running.  Chef Naomi Pomeroy joins the judges in the beautiful but chilly Colorado Mountains. 

Season 10 | Ep 10: Full Circle
FIRST AIRED: Oct 19 9/8c

Jeff and Gage have faced numerous challenges as of late – caring for a newborn, moving into a new home and pushing the business into different directions – but Monroe's baptism is an opportunity to celebrate their blessings. While planning the event goes smoothly, the real test of faith transpires on the business side. Employees at JLD are dwindling, forcing Jeff to reevaluate his business and make a decision that will dramatically change the direction of his company for good.

Season 6 | Ep 2: UnFaithful
FIRST AIRED: Dec 11 9/8c

A painful revelation makes Brittany flee L.A., leaving her relationship with Jax in question. Stassi reconnects with her ex-boyfriend Patrick and ex-boss Lisa Vanderpump, while James attempts to reclaim his DJ job at SUR. Lisa proudly serves as grand marshal of the Long Beach Gay Pride parade, where Sandoval discovers a new fetish he hopes will revive his and Ariana's lagging sex life.

Season 5 | Ep 1: The Break-up Bunch
FIRST AIRED: Apr 5 9/8c | TV-14

There have been a lot of changes in Charleston! As Cameran prepares for the birth of her baby girl, her favorite man-child, Shep, confesses to the downfall of his relationship following his summer quest to find love. Despite giving it their best shot, both couples Craig and Naomie and Austen and Chelsea have finally called it quits. Meanwhile, Kathryn is celebrating her second year of sobriety and finally has a place of her own near her children. Thomas has a new love interest, and all of Charleston is buzzing about what will happen when she finally meets Kathryn.

Season 5 | Ep 1: Waiting to Exhale
FIRST AIRED: Nov 5 10/9c

The news of Curtis’s infidelity sends shockwaves through the group, forcing the husbands and the wives to choose sides. Eugene takes on extra shifts to pay back the IRS, leaving Toya lonely and in need of romance. Quad celebrates the grand opening of Dr. G’s new practice, while Simone struggles to split time between her two houses. Heavenly adjusts to her oldest son away at college, and plans a special night for Jackie and the ladies.

Season 5 | Ep 18: Reunion Part 3
FIRST AIRED: Mar 23 10/9c

The reunion concludes in part three, as the group deals with the fallout from Greg's scandalous revelation. Seeing another marriage falling apart, the group rallies around Simone and Cecil, imploring them to work it out. Will their pleas be heard or will they fall on deaf ears?

Season 3 | The Real Housewives Of Potomac
FIRST AIRED: May 20 12/11c
"Gizelle starts to worry about the status of her relationship. Ashley is faced with the daunting task of moving her mother out her house, while Candiace continues to struggle for independence. Karen hosts all the ladies at a "Scent" event, but things take a turn for the worst when Monique confronts Ashley about a rumor. "
Season 3 | The Real Housewives Of Potomac
FIRST AIRED: May 27 12/11c
Candiace decides to face her fears. Monique organizes a donation drive for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, while an emotional Gizelle breaks down over the stress of her relationship. Robyn and Juan seek closure from their past, but a visit from past loved ones leaves the couple in extreme shock.
Season 3 | The Real Housewives Of Potomac
FIRST AIRED: Jun 3 12/11c
Candiace attempts to persuade her mother to give her control of the family business, while Ashley and Michael revisit their pre-nup. Monique and Robyn host two different events on the same day, forcing the ladies to reveal their loyalty. After celebrating her birthday without Sherman, Gizelle begins to re-evaluate their relationship and receives advice from a very unlikely source.
Season 3 | The Real Housewives Of Potomac
FIRST AIRED: Jun 10 12/11c
Having one extra ticket to her gala, Monique decides to invite an unlikely guest to sit at her table. Baby talk puts another roadblock in Ashley and Michael's relationship, while the pressure of finding a wedding venue creates tension between Candiace and Chris. Upset that Karen chose to not come to Robyn's event, Gizelle and Robyn decide to confront her, but are caught off guard by her shocking response.
Season 3 | The Real Housewives Of Potomac
FIRST AIRED: Jun 17 12/11c
After seeking counsel from her uncle, Ashley must face the truth about why Michael is hesitant to have more children. Robyn confronts Karen about her lies in a public forum, while Charrisse is left questioning her friendship with Monique. The stress of wedding planning becomes too much for Candiace, testing her relationship with Chris.
Season 12 | Watch What Happens Live
FIRST AIRED: Jul 12 12/11c
The one-hour special will take a trip down memory lane and relive the series' most unforgettable and buzziest moments. From shady digs to an array of wigs,"Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen pulls back the curtain on one of reality television's most-talked about shows and sits down with Housewives past and present to get the scoop on how the series has affected their lives.
Season 15 | Watch What Happens Live
FIRST AIRED: Jun 24 12/11c
Season 7 | Shahs Of Sunset
FIRST AIRED: Jun 18 12/11c
The turn-up is back in this half-hour special featuring highlights from six seasons of a wild ride with best friends Reza, MJ, GG, Mike, Asa, and newcomer Destiney. Get a refresher on the series' juiciest moments - from Reza's on-again, off-again marriage, to MJ's quest for love, GG's anger issues, and more - as the gang travels the world while navigating their loyalties, romances, and above all, their friendship.