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Season 6 | Ep 1: Good as Gold
FIRST 1495760400

Big changes are in store for season six of the Emmy-nominated Million Dollar Listing New York, with one agent newly married, one agent newly spiritual, and one agent....well, NEW. Former fashion-model turned super-successful-agent Steve Gold joins the cast, but quickly finds himself battling two young sellers who won't respect their elder. Ryan has little time for the honeymoon phase with Emilia as he plans on expanding rapidly into Brooklyn, hoping to sell 50 houses in just three months. Fredrik is becoming a calmer, more meditative agent...that is, until he meets a Tribeca seller who won't negotiate pennies off of her listing price.

Season 6 | Ep 2: The Kids Aren't Alright
FIRST 1496365200

Ryan and his newly-formed Brooklyn team are selling as many houses as they possibly can, but things get more difficult when he discovers he might have to sell the most expensive one twice. In order for Fredrik to land a hot new building in SoHo, he has to prove to the seller that he's done his homework. Meanwhile, Steve wonders if he's become more of a babysitter than real estate agent, when some of his younger clients refuse to behave.

Season 6 | Ep 3: Frankel-y Speaking
FIRST 1496970000

When one of his buyers decides to forego pursuing his SoHo property, Fredrik needs to find a back-up quickly...luckily for him, Bethenny Frankel is at the top of his contact list. On the Upper West Side, Ryan is excited to land two townhouses on the same block, but ends up competing against himself when trying to market them. And in a Greenwich Village building, Steve gets a listing, loses a listing, and gets another listing, all before he can even have one showing.

Season 6 | Ep 4: Hashtag, You're It
FIRST 1497574800

Fredrik lands the assignment of a lifetime - a building with $400 million dollars in potential sales...but his boss Howard thinks he may have over-promised in order to get it. Meanwhile, Ryan realizes that when you have two sellers, you can't please one without making the other upset. Downtown, Steve gets a list of ridiculous demands from a broker and makes one of his own...a list of new buyers that he discovered via his social media. 

Season 6 | Ep 5: Under the Influencers
FIRST 1498179600

In the hopes of selling a $20 million unit in his new mega-tower, Fredrik calls on everyone he knows...including reaching out to a blast from the past -- seasoned agent Michael Lorber. Ryan goes toe-to-toe with his buyer's wingman -- social media influencer The Fat Jewish -- on a number of showings. Meanwhile, Steve quickly realizes that when you mix business with friendship, you may end up with neither in the end.

Season 6 | Ep 6: Ice, Ice, Ryan
FIRST 1498784400

When Ryan lands a $25 million dollar listing in Tribeca, he calls upon his most intense (and most affectionate) team member for help. Fredrik is busy selling a project downtown that he's been working on for years, but will one decision threaten his relationship with the developer? In Chelsea, Steve's listing for his friend Sam continues to have problems...but it's nothing compared to his dating life.

Season 6 | Ep 7: Co-List or No-List
FIRST 1499389200

When a seller demands Ryan remove his team member from a $25 million Tribeca listing, he hatches a plan that includes a secret twist. Steve lands an opportunity to sell an amazing $18 million SoHo penthouse, but he has to go against his #1 rule: never co-list. Later, Fredrik and Ryan reconnect with Luis...only to learn their reunion may be short-lived.

Season 6 | Ep 8: It Takes a (East) Village
FIRST 1499994000

Fredrik begins questioning the effects of gentrification as he sells his $225 million development in the historic East Village. Facing the most nerve-wracking launch of his career, Ryan starts to doubt his sales strategy of having "no sales strategy". Down in SoHo, Steve's co-lister tests his patience, nerves, and even his bicycling skills.

Season 6 | Ep 9: You Can Call Me Al...Berto
FIRST 1500598800

Steve works to convince potential buyers that the only thing better than their Tribeca apartment is his listing right above it. A prominent developer is hesitant about giving Ryan a building in Chelsea...but not about embarrassing him at a birthday party. Downtown, Fredrik continues to forge a bond with the East Village and its residents...particularly his driver, Alberto.

Season 6 | Ep 10: Wake. Sell. Repeat.
FIRST 1501203600

In order to set a record for his new brownstone in Park Slope, Fredrik tries to set other records at his open house. Even though Ryan's business is booming, he finds himself down in the dumps for reasons unknown. When Steve encourages a friend into selling his massive loft in Soho, he receives an offer from an unexpected source.

Season 6 | Ep 11: Pushing the Envelopes
FIRST 1501808400

After wrapping up his SoHo listing, Steve proves that you can go home again. Fredrik has a strategy for his new Nolita building, designed by Lenny Kravitz and his team...but to accomplish it, he's going to need his passport. Meanwhile, Ryan tries to break out of his rut by befriending a quirky apartment owner, only to find the rug pulled out from under him...literally.

Season 6 | Ep 12: The French Connection
FIRST 1502413200

Fredrik's launch in Paris is going according to plan until an ambitious broker he knows quite well tries to stake his claim with the developer.  Ryan heeds his seller's advice and contemplates a risky new career move and Luis makes an emotional revelation concerning his life in Paris.

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