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Season 2 | Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry (s2)
FIRST AIRED: Aug 24 12/11c
Lil' Jon is amazed when Tyler connects to a deceased loved one who died too soon. Tyler delivers Kendra Wilkinson news from the other side about the future of her family. In NYC, with Tyler's help, a famous friend reaches out from beyond the grave to Carole Radziwill, giving Carole the closure she has longed for.
Season 2 | Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry (s2)
FIRST AIRED: Sep 21 12/11c
Wracked with guilt over the passing of several loved ones, Maria Menounos receives messages of comfort. Tyler brings through actress Retta's late grandmother who has warnings about her health and finances. Pia Toscano is overcome with emotion when Tyler connects to her deceased grandfather. Tyler connects with Anna Nicole Smith and reveals details only ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead could know, leaving Larry comforted and thrilled to be able to say a final goodbye.
Season 1 | Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry (s3)
FIRST AIRED: Mar 14 12/11c
"This is Us" favorite Chrissy Metz is reinvigorated by Tyler's powerful message of hope from the other side for her ailing mother from Chrissy's beloved grandmother. Tyler heads to Manhattan to follow up with "Empire" headliner Taye Diggs on a prediction come true! "Orange is the New Black" star Taryn Manning's world is turned on its head when Tyler unveils revelations about her father's premature passing. Tyler is left awestruck to meet rap mega-star Iggy Azalea and provides powerful messages concerning her grandfather's health.
Season 16 | Camille Grammer & Tracy Pollan
FIRST 1558494000
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Season 2 | Ep 1: Return to Neverland
FIRST 1426557600 | TV-14

Why have one christening when you can have two? Kathryn and Thomas must plan a second christening of their daughter, Kensington Calhoun Ravenel, because the first godmother might have gotten a little too frisky with Thomas for Kathryn's liking and a new godmother has been chosen. Shep invites an old friend, Landon, to join him out at the plantation for the big day and Whitney, who disapproves of Thomas and Kathryn’s relationship, makes a point of showing up late.

Season 2 | Ep 2: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
FIRST 1427162400 | TV-14

Thomas invites the gang to another one of his unpredictable dinner parties and this time he and Kathryn have some big news to share. As Cameran continues chasing her real estate dreams, Craig refuses to settle into office life. Meanwhile, Landon is ready to leave her old LA life behind and get back a Southern Lifestyle.

Season 2 | Ep 3: Raising the Roof
FIRST 1427763600 | TV-14

Shep and Whitney finally move into their beach house as Kathryn confronts Jennifer Snowden about the true nature of her relationship with Thomas. Meanwhile, Cameran gives Craig some sisterly advice, which promptly goes in one ear and out the other. And after Thomas enlists Whitney's help in making the perfect campaign commercial his relationship with Kathryn takes a turn for the worse.

Season 2 | Ep 4: No Good Deed
FIRST 1428368400 | TV-14

After Thomas tells Kathryn about his “Raise the Roof” campaign ad, she ditches him to spend the night with a friend before turning her ire towards the real culprit, Whitney. Meanwhile, Landon helps Cooper prep for his upcoming fashion show and Craig decides not to study for the bar in order to focus on his newly found passion for modeling. Cameran enlists Shep’s help in her quest to get Craig back on the path to ambition and Whitney comes under attack when he comes face to face with Kathryn at Thomas’ fundraiser.

Season 2 | Ep 5: Shep-istotle
FIRST 1428976800 | TV-14

After another fundraiser goes awry, Thomas realizes it’s time for Kathryn to get a hobby, so she won’t further exacerbate his campaign stress and he agrees to move her downtown into a house she can decorate. Meanwhile, on the eve of Cooper and Landon’s fashion show, Shep decides to stage an intervention with Craig before he becomes a lost cause. And Whitney vows to avoid Kathryn at all costs at the fashion show.  

Season 2 | Ep 6: In the Cups
FIRST 1429581600 | TV-14

As Shep plans his 35th birthday party, Cameran decides it might be time to get a dog so she can put off having a baby for just a little longer. Meanwhile, Thomas and Kathryn move downtown just as the campaign starts heating up. Despite hoping this will improve their relationship Kathryn starts to realize Thomas' campaign manager has other ideas. And when the gang finally gets together to celebrate at Shep's party things get old school.

Season 2 | Ep 7: Better Late Than Never
FIRST 1430186400 | TV-14

Patricia hosts an all-male dinner party to avoid the drama that women can bring and Whitney and Thomas end up fighting like a couple of girls. Meanwhile, Craig is homesick for the Delaware and invites Shep and Whitney to his parents’ house for the weekend, but not before Craig gets some potentially devastating news. When the gang gets dressed in their finest formal attire to attend Cooper's first annual Founders' Ball, Kathryn ends up home alone waiting for her Prince Charming, a.k.a.Thomas, to arrive.

Season 2 | Ep 8: Unaware in Delaware
FIRST 1430791200 | TV-14

After the Founders Ball, Craig comes face-to-face with his boss and finally learns the consequences of his partying ways. Meanwhile, Kathryn resolves to become a different person and put her troubles with Thomas behind her. When Shep and Whitney head to Delaware to spend some quality time with the Conover clan, tensions run high as secrets are revealed and friendships are tested. 

Season 2 | Ep 9: Jekyll and Snide
FIRST 1431396000 | TV-14

Landon invites the gang to her hometown down in Georgia for a weekend getaway, but the mood changes when Shep’s big brotherly advice turns into a sibling rivalry with Craig. Meanwhile, Whitney finds himself on the receiving end of Kathryn's wrath once again and after Craig and Kathryn spend the night on the beach alone rumors start flying until an explosive accusation threatens to upend Thomas’ political aspirations.

Season 2 | Ep 10: Election Day
FIRST 1432000800 | TV-14

As Election Day approaches, Thomas deals with the aftermath of the accusations against him and Kathryn makes a decision that could impact her family and relationship forever. Meanwhile, Whitney suspects Kathryn is behind the allegations and when the gang gathers at Sermets to hear the election results it turns out that no one is in the mood to celebrate.

Season 2 | Ep 11: Dysfunction Junction
FIRST 1432605600 | TV-14

As Thomas adjusts to his new post-election life, Kathryn can't seem to let go of their old life together. Meanwhile, Patricia organizes a charity event to benefit "Wounded Warriors" and gets everyone involved; Whitney's band plays, and Shep and Craig agree to a date auction. When things don't go exactly as planned, relationships are pushed to the brink -- perhaps to never recover.

Season 11 | Ep 10: Shalloween
FIRST 1557363600 | TV-14

After learning that Bethenny missed her Halloween performance, Luann takes another dig at Queen B. Meanwhile, Dorinda shows off her new apartment to John, and says goodbye to her old apartment with Hannah. Proving no good deed goes unpunished, Ramona’s attempt at charity devolves into chaos when she, Dorinda, and Sonja attempt to give a speech at the NY Loves Kids event.

Season 11 | Ep 11: Upstate Girls
FIRST 1557968400 | TV-14

Newly single Tinsley faces serious questions about having a baby. Sonja and Barbara head upstate to see Luann’s new house, hoping to warn Lu of the rumblings among the other ladies about her behavior. Ramona, Bethenny, and Dorinda arrive, B confronts Luann, and shows Sonja and Barbara that their previous advice fell on deaf ears.

Season 6 | Ep 1: RSVPeeved
FIRST 1557964800 | TV-14

As Charleston reels over Thomas’ arrest, a distraught Kathryn deals with conflicting emotions and the possibility of getting full custody of her kids. Cameran learns you can’t have it all as she struggles to balance motherhood and her career, while Naomie has no issues juggling a hunky new boyfriend and a thriving new business Craig, got his groove back after a summer stint in the Bahamas this summer, while Austen was caught in a compromising position. But as everyone gathers at Patricia’s dinner party, it’s another secret romp that has everyone shocked.

Season 6 | Ep 2: Kat's Out of the Bag
FIRST 1558569600

Cameran gives Eliza an earful about her brash behavior at Patricia’s dinner party. Austen and Craig meet Whitney for lunch, he is in the hot seat over some rumors of his current relationship status. Meanwhile, Kathryn and Chelsea settle into new homes. When Chelsea hosts a house warming party to show off her new digs, Cameran spills the beans on Whitney and Kathryn’s secret liaison.

Season 11 | Ep 12
FIRST 1558573200
Season 1 | Ep 4: Sally Salon Wall
FIRST 1558576800

Bi-coastal designer, Alex faces off against Switzerland transplant Sybille, to see who can create the best Transitional living room. Along the way, Alex keeps a cool head while dealing with his homeowner’s opinions and picky style choices while Sybille encounters a costly construction issue that makes her clients think twice. At the end of four days, the designers’ spaces are judged by Genevieve Gorder, Whitney Robinson, Editor-In Chief of ELLE DECOR, and guest judge, celebrity designer Jonathan Adler.

Season 16 | Ramona Singer & Craig Conover
FIRST 1558580400
Season 6 | Ep 2: Kat's Out of the Bag
FIRST 1558569600

Cameran gives Eliza an earful about her brash behavior at Patricia’s dinner party. Austen and Craig meet Whitney for lunch, he is in the hot seat over some rumors of his current relationship status. Meanwhile, Kathryn and Chelsea settle into new homes. When Chelsea hosts a house warming party to show off her new digs, Cameran spills the beans on Whitney and Kathryn’s secret liaison.